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I like to say distance healing works just like a prayer does ~ you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, but you can feel it. It is based on the power of intention, emotions and thoughts. The healing work is done remotely with your energy field as energy transcends the physical world.

It is a beautiful and powerful experience that allows you to comfortably work on improving your health, personal growth, keep up with your self care, and energetic hygiene in your own space.

A distance healing session works exactly the same as a chakra balancing or an intention layout session, but it doesn’t require your physical presence ~ We’ll work on a special chakra balancing / crystal layout along with other healing techniques to asses to re-align energetic frequencies, re-tune emotions, connect with possible energetic messages coming through, and/or remove any energetic blockages. This therapy allows for soul learning, healing, personal and spiritual growth.

For the first 1 hour, I’ll ask you to set the intentions and open up your heart, mind and soul to the experience, intentionally connecting with me for this time ~ I ask that you go into meditation, for a walk alone in nature, go to / or create some sacred space, play some relaxing music, paint, journal, create a crystal layout of your own - whatever you feel guided and called to do, as long as it is relaxing, you are alone and allows your mind to be still.

I’ll schedule a 30min video call for us to get in contact right after the 1 hour session has passed, where we’ll discussed everything that came during the session, energies present etc., and create a crystal healing plan focusing on an intention of your choice and needs.

You’ll receive a digital copy of your healing plan, along with a digital image of your layout for you to keep close and continue/expand the healing process.

Crystals are wonderful high frequency energy tools and gifts from Mama Gaia with different vibrations, that assist us in retuning and balancing our energetic fields. They can increase and enhance our wellbeing, offer us guidance, help us balance our emotions and much more.

~ Let me share their Blessings with you ~

*I’m is also fluent in Spanish if you would prefer to have your session in your native language.

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Certified Crystal Healer. Serving, through different means, as a loving and healing channel for people to re-connect to their soul, their hearts, their magic and their own journey as energetic beings of light here on Mama Gaia. Crystal Soul is not only the essence of what I love to do and create, but also of who I am. Allow me to join you on your journey, to grow, heal, and love together.

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