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~ First of all, what is light language?

To me, Light Language is a channeled sacred-geometry cosmic language of sound and light/energy. It speaks directly to the soul, expanding all the senses. It is not meant to be translated or “understood”, but rather interpreted by the heart, it is to be felt and experienced, as it transcends all limiting concepts and beliefs.

It is a high vibration too, very powerful and activating. It helps us access information and move through higher and different energetic realms of consciousness, to integrate, shift, and ascend. It helps us get into alignment, opening our hearts and raise our vibrations, as our physical and energetic bodies (specially our DNA) respond beautifully to it.

Light language can be channeled through writing, visions, spoken sounds/words, and many other forms.

I’ve been channeling Light Language in the form of Light Codes* for some years, and have recently started to allow my body to “speak it”.

(*What is a Light Code?

They’re sacred “symbols” of light and geometric structures, that anchor higher energy frequencies of light in our planet and souls. They work on a soul and cellular level, to communicate a message, and help us activate / awaken our DNA.)

All of these being said, in a Light Language Activation session, along with crystal healing techniques, I’ll channel light language for your personal and spiritual growth, healing, soul learning and ascension journey.

After the session, you’ll receive a PDF version of any light codes / light language that
may have come during our time together.

From this session you have the option to order:
- Your “Custom Journey Crystal Grid” from your personal light code. To book/order them together, please send me a message after booking this session, and I’ll send you a special 20% off coupon to order the Custom Journey Grid through my store. (visit my website for more info)


This ceremony can be done online/long distance too ~ Please send me a message after booking and I’ll send you all the details.

~ I’m is also fluent in Spanish if you would prefer to have your session in your native language.

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Certified Crystal Healer. Serving, through different means, as a loving and healing channel for people to re-connect to their soul, their hearts, their magic and their own journey as energetic beings of light here on Mama Gaia. Crystal Soul is not only the essence of what I love to do and create, but also of who I am. Allow me to join you on your journey, to grow, heal, and love together.

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Irene Hudson
May 14, 2021

your session is very interesting, I would like to try it.. I have a lot of heavy things on my mind, can you help me get rid of all the bad things?

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