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Many people are experiencing stress, worries and anxieties which may be due to an imbalance in our own energy field without even realizing it. I would like to offer you an energy healing to help bring balance to your energy field which in turn may help bring you to a relaxed state. What is Reiki? Reiki is an alternative Japanese energy healing technique that practitioners use which may be hands-on or off through which Universal Life Force Energy is transferred through the practitioner to the client in order to encourage healing on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level. What are the benefits? The healing energy of Reiki is beneficial for stress & anxiety relief. It raises our vibration, clears negative emotions & thoughts. It aligns our energy systems/chakras by clearing away the blocks & dense energy that builds up over time. This may leave you feeling relaxed or may increase your physical vitality. In some cases, Reiki has also been used to aid in recovery from illness or injury as well as aiding in recovery post-surgery. Does distant Reiki work as well as normal Reiki? Yes, it does work the same whether the healer is in the same room or not. How will the session work? Just pick a time within my available schedule to book your appointment. Is there anything I need to do before? I will ask that you send me a photo of yourself as it will help me to better connect with you during the healing. Also, please send me an email address so that I can send you any feedback I may have as I do make notes during the session. Is there anything I should do during the healing session? It is important to be aware of the time your healing takes place so that you are welcoming to the positive energy healing you receive. About five minutes before your healing begins, you may want to engage in a restful activity. A suggestion might be that you set aside any distractions, such as technology, and bring your attention to your breathing. Some clients prefer meditating or doing light yoga. I have even had clients go to sleep as I am about to begin the healing, but whatever works for you is perfectly fine as long as you are welcoming to the healing energy. It is also fine to light a candle, incense, or use crystals or aromatherapy during the healing. I would like you to know that your session will be done remotely and there is no need to physically see you or hear you in order to connect with you. However, during the session, I am going to take notes of what I experience, which will be shared with you in the days following the session. I do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations, but please contact me if you have any problems with your order. Disclaimer - This is not intended to replace any medications or therapies and doesn’t constitute as a diagnosis. If you have a medical concern or emergency it is advised that you seek advice or aid from a licensed medical professional. It is also important to note that holistic healing/alternative medicine should not be used as a substitute for curing illnesses, injuries, disease etc; it is simply a tool that may be used to provide a positive experience that may alleviate stress, worry, pain (physical/mental) and possibly aid in recovery from illness or injury With that said, please feel free to reach out to me regarding any questions you may have before or after your session. The FDA does not verify any of these statements.

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Hi, I am a Reiki Practitioner attuned by Reiki Master, Melissa Crowhurst. My goal is to bring balance to the Spiritual Energy of my patient as well as to help with removing negative energy that may be brought on by stress or worry. Due to the quarantine, I am currently only able to provide distance healings. If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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