Coming Full Circle One-on-One Premiere

$2500 USD
$2500 USD

Learn about the power of beliefs and how your self-limiting beliefs are lodged in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls 90% of your life through unwanted bad habits, and Master Kambiz Naficy with twenty-seven years experience helps you to understand the power of your beliefs, your subconscious mind, and how to cleanse negative beliefs from your subconscious mind.

The Coming Full Circle workshop includes twice a week private phone sessions with video tutorials, downloadable audios and written material for your lifelong archives. All private consultations are recorded and you will receive your life-coaching recordings. In this two-month program your will receive many powerful and practice mind-control techniques for cleansing unwanted negativity.

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Master Kambiz Naficy is a modern, well-educated man who easily integrates the Western sciences of psychology and spiritual quantum physics with the ancient Vedic scriptures as well as the Persian poetry of Rumi and Hafez. He uses all of these immense and innate
resources to do deep and quick cleansing of the human psyche, emotions, and Soul.

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KAMBIZ NAFICY2021-09-12 18:15 UTC

You can message me at: joyof&…

KAMBIZ NAFICY2021-09-10 18:19 UTC

Yes, Loya my Coming Full Circle program is designed to cleanse your subconscious mind which control 80% of beliefs and your life--this includes weight. Negative attitudes that cause over weight ultimately come down to toxic shame; which is the root belief that;I am not enough;, I dont measure up;, dont deserve, orI am not loveable.;

Loya Griff2021-03-28 17:24 UTC

if I have problems with being overweight, and this causes negative attitudes, is this training right for me? thanks)

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