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Coming Full Circle One-on-One Premiere

$2500 USD
$2500 USD

Learn about the power of beliefs and how your self-limiting beliefs are lodged in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls 90% of your life through unwanted bad habits, and Master Kambiz Naficy with twenty-seven years experience helps you to understand the power of your beliefs, your subconscious mind, and how to cleanse negative beliefs from your subconscious mind.

The Coming Full Circle workshop includes twice a week private phone sessions with video tutorials, downloadable audios and written material for your lifelong archives. All private consultations are recorded and you will receive your life-coaching recordings. In this two-month program your will receive many powerful and practice mind-control techniques for cleansing unwanted negativity.

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Master Kambiz Naficy is a modern, well-educated man who easily integrates the Western sciences of psychology and spiritual quantum physics with the ancient Vedic scriptures as well as the Persian poetry of Rumi and Hafez. He uses all of these immense and innate
resources to do deep and quick cleansing of the human psyche, emotions, and Soul.

On Core Spirit since October 2019

Three Stages to True Self-Transformation

Three Stages of Self-Transformation
In working with over ten-thousand people of various cultures, I have learnt over my twenty-seven years of service, that true self-transformation requires us to travel through three stages.
Before I share these stages, I would like to name five core assumptions about authentic self-transformation:
1. The battlefield of change is in the mind. This is where true self-transformation occurs. We change when our mind’s response to circumstances changes. Attempting personal change by changing external circumstances is a shaky approach. Ultimately, it is your mind that must change.
2. Personal change involves discomfort and growing pains related to stepping out of our comfort-zone. By comfort zone I mean habitual beliefs, thoughts, habits, and knee-jerk reactions that we have become accustomed to and are limiting us.
3. In the process of self-transformation, we are not inventing a “new you”; we are simply dusting off illusions that are covering your authentic essence before any baggage burdened your spontaneity. In other words, we are coming full circle back to your unscathed, original self.
4. I believe that it is not past events that hurt you as much as your interpretations of such events. Very often, our perceptions of past evens are much more impactful than the events themselves.
5. In a quantum world of action/reaction, meaning cause-and- effect, it is not that life happens to us. Most of us have stubborn and unwanted self-fulfilling prophecies that force the hand of nature. We wind up manifesting what we insist is the Truth, not realizing that we are living in our own hall of mirrors, manifesting a reality that reflects and proves our own pet theories of life.
Now, take a look at these three stages of self-transformation, and see if they make sense to you:

I. Identify the Liar
I have never worked with a person who did not have a Liar/impostor living in their mind. This Liar gives us bad advice and the Liar’s voice is the voice of fear and defensiveness. The human ego gathers “baggage” from the past by coming up with negative interpretations of what happened. The hurt or guarded self (ego) then lives in us as an impostor or “false self”; its voice and thoughts feel just like our own, yet every time we follow the Liar’s defensive advice, our life takes a step backwards.
One of the biggest lies that cripples millions is Toxic Shame. Toxic shame is the feeling of I am not good enough; there is something wrong with me; I will never measure up; something about me is flawed; I am not deserving of happiness, or love is not meant for me.
Anyone who has truly healed from self-limiting notions, addictions, defensiveness, toxic shame, negativity, or knee-jerk reactions, has had to dis-identify, and separate their sane self from the Liar living in a corner of their mind. Unless we separate and dis-identify with the Impostor/Liar, it will sabotage and bamboozle our true self who is seeking wholeness.
II. Reprogram your Subconscious
The subconscious mind that controls more than 80% of your life through hidden beliefs, habits, and knee-jerk reactions, does not speak English, Japanese, or Arabic—it has its own language. If you don’t speak its language, it will not let you in. Your subconscious is not your enemy; your subconscious is trying to safeguard your hurt-self by not allowing anyone in, not even your present self who is seeking contentment.
Your subconscious, core-beliefs were formed like a software program by the time you were seven years old. All your deepest beliefs about sexuality, money, your worth, intelligence, attractiveness, etc. are parts of that old programming (conditioning). That old programming, if negative or self-limiting, now forms the walls of a prison cell that experts call The Comfort Zone. Your subconscious bamboozles you into believing that walking out of your comfort zone is very dangerous. This is one reason why so few experience massive self-transformation during a lifetime.
With over twenty-seven years of experimentation with myself and some ten-thousand students, I now realize that the otherwise inaccessible subconscious opens up through fourteen approaches that generally embrace emotions, imagery, and surrender to Higher Powers.
Your subconscious understands repetition, repetition, repetition. Through repetition of these fourteen techniques, you will rewire, and cleanse any negativity lodged in your subconscious.
At the end of phase II, you will come to realize that I am and have always been deserving of the best that life offers.
III. Take Big Steps for Big Results
Once your subconscious buys into self-love, deservingness, true worth, and self-potential, it will generate and unleash massive amounts of energy to fill the gap between your current situation and the beautiful life that you are seeking.
The challenge is to get your subconscious to buy into the true possibility that a Greater You exists even now. Once your subconscious believes this, it will turn over heaven and hell to manifest your vision.
With the greatest love and hopes,

Kambiz Naficy

Bridging Modern Science with Ancient Wisdom

He still looks a little like the banker he used to be, but the Persian meditation and poet, Kambiz Naficy, no longer dresses like one. His embroidered Sufi outfit is comfortable, ideal wear for his Kriya Yoga sessions. His voice has an almost hypnotic quality, the perfect complement to his air of unshakable calm.

Through his organization, The Joy of Life Organization (www.joyoflifeorg.com), Kambiz teaches an unusual philosophy, one intended to bridge the worlds of modern science and ancient wisdom; linking his discoveries in the Yogic Vedic scriptures with cutting edge research in quantum physics, energy-field theory and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Even his actual practice reflects this blend of traditional and contemporary approaches

It’s taken Kambiz over a decade to get here. In 1998, a young Kambiz was enjoying all the benefits of success in the Big Apple (Manhattan). With three Masters degrees under his belt, he was an international banker on Wall Street for American Express International Banking Corporation. He had the BMW, the designer suits, and the respect of his Wall Street peers. The only thing he didn’t have was peace of mind. “Everyone goes through what I call the dark night of the Soul—your old personality doesn’t fit into your present situation and your whole world falls apart because you can’t keep growing in the same mold as you have been up this point. That is what I was going through in my dark night. Struggling with disillusionment and heartbreak, he simply opted out of his life, and took a two-year pilgrimage to Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa. There he would spend two years in near silence, meditating on the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, Rumi, and quantum physics. When he came out, he was a changed man.

That very year, Kambiz would establish The Joy of Life Organization which currently holds workshops in Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.S. Through his organization, Kambiz devotes himself to raising the consciousness of both individuals and management teams. Employing a psycho-spiritual approach to healing, part of his teachings are based on the practice of Kriya Yoga—“Kriya Yoga is the art of circulating vitalizing breath through 72,000 energy channels called nadis in the Indian Sanskrit language. These nadis are similar to the acupuncture meridians, and they exist at a subatomic level , invisible to the naked eye. The second foundation of Kambiz’ teachings are based on transpersonal psychology and reprogramming of subconscious negativities through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

The actual practice of Kriya Yoga can have a profound impact on the body.” After 12 seconds of Kriya Yoga, your brain waves subside from 14 cycles per second (Beta Waves), down to 7 cycles per second (Alpha Waves); then another 12 seconds, and your brain-wave activity is down to 3.5 cycles per second (Theta Waves). Theta Waves are similar to the experience of very deep, nourishing sleep except that you are both relaxed and fully mindful of the present moment.” He says that Kriya Yoga breathing leaves the mind empty but alert. Reflecting this state, your respiration and metabolism slows down, your blood pressure drops, and the “net effect is you’re intensely present but very empty of fear and worry.” It is in this state that you are best able to perceive what Kambiz calls the God Force.

“At the level beneath the atom is the thinking Universe, there lies the God Force and that force is composed of pure and infinite intelligence. According to Kambiz and many atomic physicists like Neils Bohr and Heizenberg, the universe beneath the atom mirrors our beliefs, manifesting our thoughts and self-judgments into material reality. Talking about how we create the circumstances of our own lives, Kambiz says “what people don’t realize is that they are partnering with the God Force. This is what quantum physicists call the participatory universe.”

Kambiz likes to challenge people to spend 90 days repeating self-affirming mantras like, “I am worthy of a great life” to themselves. He says that the change at the end of that trial period is truly remarkable. “Their facial muscles relax, their luck has changed, they begin to find parking spots in crowded streets, they build loving relationships, and their income goes up. What people need to realize is that in a participatory universe, our thoughts influence the dance of the electron!”

For most effect, Kambiz combines his spiritual practice with psychological counseling. His 3.5-hour weekend workshop sessions are neatly divided into half, the first hour and a half being devoted to Kriya Yoga meditation and the remaining time being used to discuss what he calls the principles of Joyful living. Included in this, are healthy marital relationships, how to focus the mind, what self-esteem is and how to raise it, and how our childhood experiences affect our self-confidence.

Throughout, he emphasizes the importance of focus. “whatever you place your attention on, grows and prospers.” Yogic philosophy states that right behind your attention is the Life Force.” Should your attention focus on negative thoughts, you will find yourself weakened, not just emotionally, but also physically. The emotion that makes you strongest is love, and the ones that weaken you most are guilt and shame.” Most tantalizing of all, sincere practice of Kriya Yoga will lead to “happiness which is irrespective of your external issues and circumstances”, promises Kambiz Naficy ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnuksIhIz_o&t=11s)

Are you Tuned into the Right Frequency?

Are you Tuned into the Right Frequency?

The universe is made up of energy, and the language of energy is waves and frequencies. Scientists have detected that at every dimension of life, including the human body, subtle energy layers are vibrating beneath the visible world of matter.

Yoga describes six energy layers within the body: the physical, electrical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and the Soul. The sixth layer is the same as the creative God Force. Science today can detect the vibrations of the first four layers using sensitive scientific devices.

The Brain is merely the medium in which thought waves measured by the EEG device, vibrate. The mind where thoughts actually originate, is a formless energy-field.

There are three minds: the intuitive mind in touch with all universal information, the rational mind that analyses and categorizes, and the subconscious mind. Psychologists say that more than 70 per cent of our daily behavior is controlled by the subconscious mind. This is the storehouse of all human memories, emotions, and core beliefs that drive our behavior.

The subconscious mind is also an internal thermostat that controls our success level. For example, if your subconscious does not believe that you can lose weight, no diet in the world can help you.

Conversely, you can facilitate success through auto-suggestion, sending repeated affirmations or positive sentences to the mind, visualizing daily and in complete detail, the end result that you wish to achieve.

Emotions are defined as energy in motion. Emotions arise from thoughts, so if you do not like the way you are feeling, simply change your thoughts. Also, each emotion vibrates at a different frequency.

Love exhibits the highest vibrational frequency while emotions of shame and guilt vibrate at very slow, dense levels. Joyous people are the ones who are vibrating highly with emotions of love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Patanjali, one of the founding fathers of Raja Yoga, said that our subtle thoughts influence the Creative Forces. Recently, scientists like Einstein and Bohr proved that the perception and thoughts of the physicist repeatedly influence the dance of the electron and the outcome of the quantum experiment.

What this means is that our predominant thoughts not only program our subconscious behavior, but that our repeated and focused thoughts manifest into physical reality by influencing the fundamental building block of all creation—the atom.

Think of yourself as a radio set; if the God Station is whispering to you at frequencies that you are not tuned into, you may think, God why have you forsaken me? Recent experiments in higher consciousness show that people begin to have holy visions and experiences while vibrating above 2,000,000 cycles per second.

The non-meditator’s gross physical body vibrates at 350 cycles per second. To raise the vibrational frequency and tune into the God Force, you can begin with; daily prayer, silent meditation, choosing love over fear at every junction of life and intentionally replacing negative thoughts with uplifting ones.

Kambiz Naficy is a Persian poet and meditation master. He embarked on a spiritual journey after stints on Wall Street and as an entrepreneur on the East Coast of the U.S. His Joy of Life (www.joyoflifeorganization.com) seminars and workshops integrate the ancient with the modern principles of sound and stress-free living. E-mail: naficyk@gmail.com

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Yes, Loya my Coming Full Circle program is designed to cleanse your subconscious mind which control 80% of beliefs and your life--this includes weight. Negative attitudes that cause over weight ultimately come down to toxic shame; which is the root belief that;I am not enough;, I dont measure up;, dont deserve, orI am not loveable.;

if I have problems with being overweight, and this causes negative attitudes, is this training right for me? thanks)

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