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Receive a personal channeling session in which a guide directly speaks to you from beyond the physical veil. Though you may ask a question to be answered, the guide typically gives direct wisdom about what you need to hear in the moment. Whatever is happening in your life, the guide is fully aware of your circumstances and will tell you where to place your focus in order to achieve balance, find solace, or heal your heart. Because the practitioner is acting only as a translator of the message, a specified time frame for how long the message will take is difficult to gauge. Allow for at least an hour to first be prepared for the session, to receive the message, and then to potentially discuss what the guidance means when the transmission is complete. This can be an intense session energetically, and is often emotional. It is best not to plan other events directly after the session so you have time to integrate the energy, the knowledge, and the emotional state you may experience. Not everyone experiences deep emotions, but it is possible. Be prepared to hydrate afterward with lots of water, and to allow for at least a few minutes of breath work or meditation for the best results following the session.

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One of the best ways to help the rest of the world is healing yourself. Gain wisdom about who you really are, learn how you can live according to what makes you happy, and heal the trauma of your past to become more aligned with your essential nature. Oracle card readings, energy readings, balancing chakras, and doing shadow work all provide avenues to becoming your best self.

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