Bond through Touch

therapy session
$100 USD
$100 USD

Therapeutic massage for families as well as Infant/child stimulation workshops. Promoting healthy connections through the healing art of touch.

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I have a passion for learning, teaching, and all aspects of our mystic spirits navigating this human experience.
I have a passion for helping families connect on the physical level through healing touch.
I believe our mind, bodies, and souls, need to be consciously nourished, to maintain a balanced life.
Want learn the secrets to creating a lasting bond?

7 years of practice
On Core Spirit since September 2020
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Michelle Collins2021-05-21 19:16 UTC

Hello! This is very exciting. I would like to know exactly how the session goes. How many sessions are needed to start noticing the results? Thx in advance :)

John Persey2021-04-27 22:30 UTC

How many of us can participate at once?

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