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Bi-Weekly Coaching

coaching session
$1250 USD

​1:1 Online consultations
Detailed analysis of current and past health
​Nutrition plan (5 days after consultation), revised as you go through the programme
​Strategies for self care, movement and relaxation
​Supplement recommendations
​Nutritional support packs
​Bi-weekly follow up sessions and 12/7 communication outside of sessions
​Marco polo and email support
Exit plan

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Health coach, specialising in Nutrition, mindset and naturopathy.

My journey began when I found myself consumed with emotion, low energy and lack of motivation. I started working with mind body medicine, it changed my life. Recognising that I had the power to feel, think and live abundantly was a liberating transition to wellness. I decided I had to share with others so here I am!

On Core Spirit since February 2021

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Hi Kris, thanks for your interest. Yes similar to a PT in being guide through food choices that support the body in functioning optimally. The programme I run does support weight loss as a goal as when eating foods that have all the nutrients the body needs excess weight can be lost, if needed, however when weight loss is the only goal it is not something that I work to, my work is more about feeling great - when you feel great you will always end up losing weight. Let me know if you have any other questions - happy to chat more! Kind Regards Anna

Kris Osum
Apr 1, 2021

is it like being accompanied by a personal trainer? Do you help to lose weight? thanks

$1250 USD
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