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Astrocartography Report - I will find your top 3 cities to be in

$10 USD

Looking through the wisdom of your natal chart I will calculate which cities are the most suitable for you.

There are some astrocartographers that don’t take into consideration your personal preferences, but I believe both your intuition and the information that this tool can grant are crucial to success in your next destination.

The only information I will need is:

your date of birth,
the place you were born
the time you were born

With this I will check your natal chart, the aspects and the transits you are going through and also make the actual astrocartography.

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I'm Ángel. For 6 years I've had the chance to travel and to learn different paths to get to know your persona using different holistic and psychological tools.

I've been learning about Astrocartography since 2017 when a lovely soul introduced it to me on a off-grid retreat journey in Portugal. From then on, I've been exploring the multiple and wonderful applications about this inspiring tool.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2022

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$10 USD
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