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AETHERIC: the Rejuvenation Service

healing session
$25 USD

Solstice blues? Eclipse malaise? Try the REJUVENATION service for and shake those 2020 growing pains loose!

By utilizing the collective resonant frequency of the Aetheric Network — a network of devices that numbers in the thousands — you’ll see what it’s like to have a decent sized slice of powerfully positive energy thrown your way.

A surplus of subtle energy does wonders for a person. Enhanced relaxation, mental clarity, and a sensation of “weightlessness.” Consider it a cleanse that nothing else can reach. Nothing physical, that is.

If you have chronic pain, anxiety/stress or illness, I recommend giving this a go.

NOTE: this is a remote healing session without need for live video. All you need to do is lie down and relax. Talking will only distract you from achieving proper “reception.”

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Creator of Aether “high octane orgone” technology. I utilize it to help me achieve maximum effectiveness.

I offer various services that work along different wavelengths. A fine supplement to standard healing approaches.

On Core Spirit since December 2020

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