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90 min. Breakthrough session (Life, Relationships, Self- confidence, Self-love)

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Coaching with me is a transformational experience, which brings forth tangible results and significant changes in every single area of your life. The areas I can help you with include, but are not limited to ✔️ gaining clarity in your values, priorities and life purpose ✔️ cultivating self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love ✔️ creating fulfilling and meaningful relationships (whether you are single, married or in a relationship) ✔️ performing to your highest potential, whether in Sports or in Business ✔️ taking your career/business to the next level or transitioning into another career ✔️ identifying the patterns and beliefs, that are holding you back ✔️ work-life balance and setting healthy boundaries ✔️ conscious parenting ✔️ emotional, mental health and well-being ✔️ creating more joy, meaning and fulfillment in your life The N of coaching sessions required depends on your specific situation. During each session I create a safe container for you to EXPLORE, HEAL & TRANSFORM your patterns and bring positive changes into your life! I am the Coach, who makes sure that You are being, living and creating to your fullest potential. You deserve to heal! You deserve to thrive! Love, Arevik P.S. I coach in English, Russian, Armenian and improving my French to be able to work with French speaking clients.

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I am a TEDx Speaker, Life and Relationship Coach, Mental Health Advocate. The areas I specialise in: relationships, self-love, mental health, self-confidence, personal development, communication skills, stress, anxiety, emotional intelligence,
inner child healing, conscious parenting, law of attraction, career, work-life balance, life purpose, positive habits, success mindset, spirituality

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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$122 USD