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5D Readiness Session

coaching session
$100 USD

Are you feeling pulled by various sides? Do you feel torn within? Do you switch minds regularly? Have you done the work to release beliefs, patternings, programming and pain but still get caught up in illusions? Maybe you have experienced 5D but are challenged in getting back to it?
Then this session is for you. We will explore the polarities and oneness. We will look to see what is needed to be united within. We will uncover the tools needed to be ready for 5D.

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I am a multidimensional intuitive and healer and subtle realm explorer. I access deep ancient wisdom in exploring the Elemental and Cosmic realms. My skills as an Elemental Realm Specialist, Cosmic Anchor and Source Channel allow me to help my clients clear blocks, heal and close timelines and connect to nature. l also help clients see the truth, deconstruct the old and align to Earth’s 5D matrix.

55 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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$100 USD
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