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What Gaia & the Nature Beings Need Right Now

Oct 8, 2021

Humans are not the only consciousness on this planet. Apart from the world that we can see with the trees, rocks, animals, etc., there are many unseen worlds filled with beings existing on this planet. They call Earth home just as we do. They each have their purpose as we have ours. However, unlike us, they are very aware of their purpose. We are each co-creator of this planet, and as we move into the 5th dimension, we will co-create together.
We can begin our collaborative work now. We do not have to wait until the Golden Era is settled into place. We all know that Gaia is the consciousness of the planet. She is the being who supports us unconditionally and who has made the decision to move up the ascension ladder, bringing us all along with her. The Nature Spirits and the Elementals are each a group of beings that work with Gaia to provide us the resources we need to survive on this planet. They are beings who live in the unseen worlds beyond our physical eyes, but they are very close to us. Some can see them, and many feel them. They often pop into our reality to get our attention. They let us know that we are loved as Gaia loves us all and that it is time to remember that love within us. There are many beings in the unseen worlds who work with Gaia for the greater good, but it is the Nature Beings and the Elementals who are closest to our physical reality. They are the ones that many are aware of and some even connect with.
They give us so much and now they are asking for us to give back. They are asking us to take responsibility for who we are, what we feel, think, and do. It is not just a matter of picking up our litter and recycling our trash. It is about our whole being, all of our bodies. Each layer affects us in so many ways, but they also affect the unseen worlds. We are connected to Gaia’s bodies, so the state of our bodies affects everything in Gaia’s bodies. The ones who are the most affected are those closest to our reality, the Nature Spirits and the Elementals.
When we walk about this planet, with our unchecked bodies, our thoughts and feelings get dumped in nature. Part of what they do is to help us transmute these. That is why we feel so wonderful when we are in nature. However, it is meant to be in collaboration, assisting us while we take full responsibility for our baggage. Using them to dump our garbage to make us feel better is selfish.
With the current restrictions everyone is spending more time outdoors, more and more garbage is being dumped on the trails and pathways, filling nature up with toxins that are overwhelming them. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful that more people are spending time outdoors, but we need to be fully aware and conscious of what we carry and to manage it responsibility. The more of us who do this, the easier it is on them and the more that they can handle what comes from those who are not yet awake.
Apart from taking responsibility for our baggage, we can choose love. We can choose to be love. We can choose to send love.

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