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5D Secret in the Yin Yang Symbol

Sep 28, 2021

As humans we tend to hold on tightly to our beliefs and ideas. We hold on so tight that when someone shows up to offer a different opinion, we take the defensive stand. Some get really rattled and angry and some even to the point of violence. Why do we do this? Hate, division, separation, comes from a lack of understanding where the other side is coming from. We feel insecure and it triggers our fear responses.

No matter where we stand in our beliefs, no matter what we think, there is another side. There are 2 sides to everything. Why? We live in a world of polarity.
For each side one stands in, one can find all the supporting evidence needed to justify being there. The more deeply we believe in something the more we find to support our belief. Our resonance proves us even more right by drawing in more data to validate our beliefs. This is how the universe works.

But this is the thing, when we stand on one side, we can’t see the other side. When we hold onto beliefs and ideas so tightly, our field of vision diminishes.
However, if we take a walk to the middle, we can see both sides and we can discover balance.

So what is the secret in the Yin/Yang Symbol?

Black and white are the polarities
• We live in a world governed by polarities. There is polarity throughout all dimensions in the universe. The only place without polarity is the void, the place of all creation.
• Sometimes we walk in the black and sometimes we walk in the white

Circles of opposite colour
• Within each side we can find truth in the other
• We can stand so firmly in our own side and feel safe in our circle but there is a whole sea of opposite truth around us

Wavy line in the middle
• Point of balance
• Can see both sides
• Flow with the dance of life, navigating both sides, uniting them
• In life it is normal to take steps forward then back then forward then back, it is the dance of life

Whole circle
• Unity consciousness, together we are stronger than apart
• Despite the polarities, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, etc. there is oneness

Regardless of where we find ourselves at any given moment, whether it is way over on the one side or way over on the other, or somewhere in the mist of it all, or in that balance zone, the key is to be in the heart. When we are in the heart space, we know our truth and we can accept all truths. That is what matters. We are the only ones who really know what is right for us in any given moment of our journey.

Sending you all lots of love and light

Anne Lafrance

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