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Holistic nutrition guidance session

$10 USD

Get CLARITY on the main food choices that may best serve you and your growth as a free human being.

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I'll support you to align your food with your happiness and well-being.

I am a holistic health coach, certified by London’s Academy of Healing Nutrition.

My work emerges from my direct experience overcoming burn-out, chronic pain, food intolerances and several other health challenges.

I will coach you on upgrading your habits, mindset and nutrition to live out your life in freedom.

5 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021


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Jess Rogers
May 24, 2021

Thank you so much!

Leo de Melo
May 17, 2021

It sounds like you have already begun! Just by accepting that you like eating 'not healthy food' is a great start. Perhaps you can make that even more defined now: I find that it is usually a good idea to keep a register, for a few days only, of exactly how you feel every time you eat food that you know is harmful to you.

We often make poor diet decisions based on telling ourselves stories. However, once we've recorded the real effect that those foods have on us, with compassion for ourselves and with this new knowledge, we can make better choices in the future.

If you then need more clarity on how to make these choices, feel free to get in touch with me.

Jess Rogers
May 15, 2021

I really like eating not healty food, but i understand that it is bad for my body. How should i begin?

$10 USD
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