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It's been about TWO years since I've released single sessions, but this morning in my meditation I heard LOUD and clear that there are incredible humans in my field that are looking for Yoga coaching and or Relationship support in the form of a deeeeep dive into your processes, mindset, and 2021 plan living a better healthier life.

And if you know me, you know I can't deny my intuition :o)

I'll keep it short:

Not all of us need a coach for 3, 6, 12 months.

So this is for you.

If you're craving someone else to jump into helping you to reach that next level in your practice or releasing the doubt into your relationship, and take a fine tooth comb through your life right now…

Or, if you've felt a bit of a plateau and are ready for your next level…

AND, if you have a fire under your butt to make 2021 an epic year of impact in all areas of your life then I've got 10 1:1 Single Coaching Sessions available now for you to grab.

The calls are 75-90 minutes long tailored to you and what you are craving support with.

I'll give you recommendations and consulting throughout the call, plus send you home with recommended trainings that I've created to provide you with extra TLC.

The investment is £300 which includes the recording, the bonus trainings, and a deep dive with me for 75-90 minutes.

The last time I offered these single sessions, they sold out in a day! Which, OOF I'm so grateful for… and let's get you are your soul to this place too.

But this also means that if you want IN make sure you sign up right away.

If you want more than one session, send us an email and we can secure more than one call for you.

Questions? Let me know…otherwise, here's your link to grab a single 1:1 coaching session:


I CANNOT WAIT to support you and tap you into the magic of this field.

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Hey, I'm Gemma and I am a Yoga, Wellbeing and Relationship Coach. I help professional women who are trapped in the unhappy unhealthy and unsatisfying work life cycle which is causing them to feel old before their time unloved by those closest to them and is though their life has no meaning though the power of yoga and wellbeing.

9 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Gemma Nice
May 29, 2021

Hello, I am a yoga coach with wellness and relationship coaching added in. I coach my clients through any kind of trauma they are having either with themselves or in their relationships for them to have a better outlook on life and to love themselves better. If you are coming from a place or self love and self respect, you are happier in all areas of your life. Are you looking for a Yoga coach? Have a great weekend xxx

Gemma Nice
May 29, 2021

Hello, I hope you are well, yes it certainly does. Any kind of movement will release Serotonin (our calming hormone) and decrease our cortisol levels (stress hormone) for us to feel better immediately. Even if you do just 10 minutes per day, you will start to feel better. A lot of my clients suffer from mental health and by combining yoga, meditation and Journaling they are doing really well now. It's great. Have a great weekend xxx

Gemma Nice
May 29, 2021

Hello, yes definitely. Yoga is amazing at helping with back pain and building a stronger core to protect your spine. We'll look at where the pain directly is and then tailor it to your needs. Have a lovely weekend xxx

Michelle Collins
May 29, 2021

Hello! Do you think your sessions will help to deal with back pain? Thx :)

Joan Wilson
May 29, 2021

Hi! Does this practice help to improve mental health? Thanks in advance!

Kris Osum
May 28, 2021

Hello! Did I understand correctly that you are a yoga mentor? or life coaching?

$424 USD
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$424 USD