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Anna Ginger3yImmersion group

I have an eating disorde, can I do this program? And how many month we must do practices?


Thank you for reaching out 😊 I do apologise for the extreme delay in responding, it seems we have dropped the ball here with responding. Please accept my apology and as a gift I would love to offer you a wonderful meditation. (Drop link to our best meditation)

In case you have any issues accessing as it could be restricted by core spirit you can email us directly ask@a…

Again thank you for your question and I’ve attached the answer below as I believe all question should be answer to close the loop.

Dawn x

  • Really great question, I don’t believe in keeping people when they are ready to fly or locking people in to contracts. I state 12 months as I find when we hold the space for all issues to come up within a timeframe we get better results, than when we leave an open ended date.

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