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Hi Dear Eva, Thank You so much for your reply. I am delighted to share my thoughts and opinions in regards to conscience and spirituality. I am currently writing an article on the interconnection of the soul, the brain and the body in which I will approach my learnings on how conscience, spirituality and morality, are all part of the soul.
Just to give you a brief, there is the conscious mind (thoughts,images, emotions, desires) and the conscience (that inner voice, or the judge of the thoughts fed by the intellect). Morality at the same time is part of the intellect and is composed by the values that either, are imposed and conditioned and therefore, generate a set of believes, or they can be choosen freely and consciously to be lived, practiced, felt and experienced. I hope that this has helped you somehow to enlighten your day and your question below. Stay tuned for my upcoming articles. Namastê.

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