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Reflections regarding Spirituality and the Brain

Apr 17, 2021
Johann Strerath
Core Spirit member since Feb 28, 2020
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Even though there are quite several resources and references available today to explain the impacts and the behavior of the human brain from the spiritual point of view, I would like to offer you with my personal perspective, based on my own experience of life.

First, I believe it is crucial to clarify that Spirituality is a state of mind. It is an inner state that we all human beings experience throughout all our lives and during all our existence, whether it is unconscious or conscious. Such inner state is interdependently connected with our emotions and our thoughts. One simple way to describe it would be when we silently pray or ask for something to THAT bigger source of being Greater than us, and we automatically receive a response in the form of an inner voice. You can call it the inner voice or inner conscience if you prefer. And it is as real as your thoughts and emotions are. Therefore, you should never ignore it.

So, the question in reality is where does such inner voice, or inner conscience come from. One might think it comes from a miraculous external source, or from deep inside your gut. Well, both answers might be true, depending on each person’s point of view. The important thing is to understand it as an entirely part of your mental processes because it really gets triggered from our inner states of conscience.

Can we then say that Spirituality relates to estates of consciousness? Can we associate consciousness to the fact of life inside ourselves? In other words, does our inner Universe created with our own mental images seem to be more real yet not easily described as the scientific proven facts of the Outer Universe that we read about?

The fact that I am pointing such questions is because there are no straight scientifically proved answers form the neuroscience perspective in regards to where and how does Spirituality originates in each individual. While conscience might be easily defined as a estate of awareness, Spirituality might relate to the concept of individual and universal awareness of everything and anything that exists within and around. The way each human being sees its life and existence depends on the types of perceptions and memories of all kinds of life learning experiences that have been stored in its memories, and how its own brain has created diverse multidimensional images of the way such person chooses to be aware of itself, others, and any other living creatures.

How do we collect information from our sensory system and how do we choose to relate with such information during our existence is a personal perspective that can only be defined by every single individual. Therefore, what Spirituality means for me, might be a totally different perspective of what you the reader have in regard to your own point of view.

Notice that I am not making any considerations to religious believes or dogmas imposed by the several churches. While religion conditions the human brain to learn certain principles and values. Spirituality itself, cannot be defined in general terms, because it occurs in an individualized manner, yet its goal is to connect with the laws of existence that surround every human and living creature.

For several years now, I have been fascinated with learning about the way my brain functions and how do I relate with myself mainly, and then with others. To more I question myself about my relationship with God, the more convinced I become by the answers I get from my inner voices, that I am part of such Great Universal Source which makes part of my life, my health, my continuous support, protection, the fulfillment of all my needs, and my highest inspiration.

My brain which is the main repository organ that manages my own thoughts, emotions, and connects with my physical body, still also can resonate with diverse vibrational frequencies that go from Alpha (8-12 Hz), and Beta (12-27HZ) brain wave estates to Gamma (27 + Hz) waves.

Each type of brain wave is produced in the brain depending on the estate of consciousness, and by the perception of sensory captures. Such waves will generate a type a frequency that can decrease or increase depending on the type of thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that we choose to experience. If we choose to feed our brain with negative thoughts and self-degenerating emotions, the result of our brain waves will be low, therefore our vibrational frequency will also be low. On the other hand, if we choose to feed positive and healthy thoughts that elevate our estates of emotional balance, the result of such brain waves will show an increase in vibrational frequencies, usually referred in Hertz. Not only the brain gets an increased number of bio electrical connections between neurons, but it also increases the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine, which are important neurotransmitters necessary for our well being and the health of our brain.

If we are to relate the type of vibrational frequencies that we choose produce from our daily routine with the estate of Spirituality, we can conclude then that Spirituality is also related to our levels of energy and consciousness.

A final reflection to summarize the thoughts of these lines, is to invite you to consciously work every morning before starting your daily routine on the quality of the thoughts and emotions that you will choose to experience during the day.

Try it! If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to reply to this article.

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You are welcome! The new Article is called How does the Soul interact with the Brain and the Body, It contains key thoughts of a recent learning experience I had in one of my current studies in RajaYoga. I am seeing that the article is still in moderation here on the site. If for any reason you don't get to see it published in the next couple of days, please let me know, and I will be happy to send you the file on PDF. Many Blessings.

Eva Glain3y ago

Thank You so much! I will definitely read Your new article!

Hi Dear Eva, Thank You so much for your reply. I am delighted to share my thoughts and opinions in regards to conscience and spirituality. I am currently writing an article on the interconnection of the soul, the brain and the body in which I will approach my learnings on how conscience, spirituality and morality, are all part of the soul.
Just to give you a brief, there is the conscious mind (thoughts,images, emotions, desires) and the conscience (that inner voice, or the judge of the thoughts fed by the intellect). Morality at the same time is part of the intellect and is composed by the values that either, are imposed and conditioned and therefore, generate a set of believes, or they can be choosen freely and consciously to be lived, practiced, felt and experienced. I hope that this has helped you somehow to enlighten your day and your question below. Stay tuned for my upcoming articles. Namastê.

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Eva Glain3y ago

Very interesting opinion, thanks very much for such an interesting concept! How do You feel about the fact that, as some believe, conscience is the basis of spirituality and morality?