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Meladee Dayami2022-06-21 16:38 UTCin global channel

6 Steps to overcome people pleasing:

  1. Identify - Find out the 4 W’s - When, Where, What and Who you have been seeking external validation in your life.

  2. Prepare - Prepare yourself to accept rejections from your loved ones prior to performing actions that you once looked up from others.

  3. Establish Boundaries - Create healthy boundaries for yourself before jumping into performing actions for approval.

  4. Prioritize - Prioritize your voice over others when it comes to critical events and decision making.

  5. Learn to Say No - Sometimes, denying with a simple word “No” seems very hard for most of us. However, it is a very important word that helps you to give you enough time, space and freedom to respect our choices which eventually develops strong self esteem.

  6. Take Risk - Assess the risk of acting based on your inner voice.

You can read more in this wonderful article by Amritha Kailas!…


Jonathan Tayron2022-06-22 11:36 UTC

Yes, I am familiar with the articles of this practitioner, he voices many interesting thoughts in his works!

Alexis Suarez2022-06-22 11:54 UTC

Thanks for the recommendation, I recently noticed that there are those in my circle of friends who are starting to take advantage of my kindness. It is important to be able to say NO to people, even if they are friends. Be kind, but know how to say no when you're uncomfortable!