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Michele Zirkle2y agoin unknown thread

I worked through panic attacks and spoked to an audience of over 3M people. I had to become comfortable with myself before I got comfortable giving a speech. If I can overcome the public speaking challenge, so can you!

By Dr. Michele Zirkle - corespirit.com/articles/how-i-speak-to-millio…



Thank you for sharing! I am interested in the question, did you yourself once realize that it was time to give battle to your fear, or did someone inspire you?


Hi Alexis, I was working with an energy healer/life coach at that time who encouraged me to do it. I also knew that in order for my messages to get into the hearts of my audience I needed to speak them. The battle was one more of acceptance than of might. Once I accepted myself, the sweat beads were less intense and the shakes less noticeable.

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