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Ingefleur’s biggest passion is homeopathy. It has been like this ever since she could speak and pronounce the names of the remedies her parents gave her for ear infections: Pulsatilla and Chamomilla.

As a teenager she became chronically sick and could not apply for medical school as an outcome and so she had to give up her long cherished dream of being a homeopathic doctor. There were no homeopathic schools that accepted high school graduates as students at the time and she figured it were for the better because she had more faith in the mixture of conventional and homeopathic medicine anyway. Ingefleur went on to study Public Administration and worked in Brussels for Dutch regional representatives. After receiving her Masters degree in European Studies, the global economy had suffered a lot under the economic crisis and the job market was very tight, not to mention that her illness had developed to the point that she really could not work anymore anyway.

That is when her long lost dream began to whisper in her ear again. Was there not a way to study medicine after all and become a homeopathic family practitioner? It kept occupying her mind but there was no way for her to study medicine anywhere in Europe. However, then the Center of Homeopathic Education (CHE) caught her eye which had both a Bachelors accredited course in homeopathy which included a decent basis in anatomy and physiology. Within a couple of months she moved to London and began the course.

Because she has always loved children, Ingefleur specializes in helping couples conceive healthy babies, helping women enjoy their pregnancy by resolving small or difficult issues, and helping mothers and babies flourish in the first years after birth. Today she gets to lose herself in homeopathy every day. Ingefleur loves connecting with her patients daily and empowering them to take their health back into their own hands.

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