The Neuroscience of Spiritual Awakening

It was 1972 at Penn State University, and Gary Weber, a 29-year old materials science PhD student, had a problem with his brain. It kept generating thoughts! He had a continuous and oppressive stream of neurotic concerns about his life, his studies, and everything else. While most human beings would consider this par for the course; par for the human condition (or ‘cogito ergo sum’, which can be translated as “I think therefore I am”), Weber wouldn’t accept it. He was a scientist, a

What Happens When Tech Takes Control of Evolution?

Over the span of a few billion years, diversity of life has flourished on Earth through the process of natural selection. Then, not long ago (relatively), human intelligence evolved.For the first time one species, Homo sapiens, could consciously control its destiny on this planet. Humans have been shaping ourselves, the environment and other species for thousands of years. Soon, we’ll be able to fully control our own biology too, transcending our natural limitations. According to roboticist
Demi Powell

Alien Abductions: Real Cases, Research & Signs That You've Been Abducted Before

Physical evidence of UFOs and alien abduction seems to support many stories told by people, though some reports may actually be caused by dreams, mental problems, media indoctrination, or misinterpretation of what the person has seen. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like a cultural thing – most countries have reports of alien abductions. They occur in large cities as well as the rural areas at any time – day or night. A lot of abductions do not get to be reported because there is no one trusted
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How New Tech Makes Hacking Human Brain a Reality

Your thoughts are your own, right? Perhaps not. New technology is bringing that day closer when the unscrupulous may actually be able to hack human thoughts.It raises a number of new ethical concerns for this brave new world we're entering with each rotation of the Earth. Mind Reading Everyone is familiar with the concept of hacking. It is why we all strive to protect our computers and smartphones from nefarious outside sources trying to break in to steal information, implant malware
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Medicine Will Advance More in the Next 10 Years Than It Did in the Last 100

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, recently announced a $3 billion effort to cure all disease during the lifetime of their daughter, Max. Earlier this year, Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker donated $250 million to increase collaboration among researchers to develop immune therapies for cancer. Google is developing contact lenses for diabetic glucose monitoring, gathering genetic data to create a picture of what a healthy human should be and working to increase human
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