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Why is Lymph Drainage often done before a BodyTalk/healing session or necessary after it?

Sep 14, 2020
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John Veltheim (BodyTalk System Founder) taught us that from his years of offering

TCM/Acupuncture and other therapy sessions, he discovered that people who had a lot of congestion, both emotional and physical, often needed 1 or several lymph drainage sessions before more work could be done to bring additional shifts.

In Osteopathic principles, drainage precedes supply, and the lymphatic system has to drain upwards against gravity without the additional support of a pump like the circulatory system has. It does this very elegantly a lot of the time, however in our modern world where we often sit more and don’t move as much as we should, we have more toxins in our environment to deal with, it is little wonder that this system is struggling to filter out the cellular waste, pathogens and toxins that it faces. If it stopped working altogether, a person would die within 24 hours, that is how important it is. It directly affects immunity because stagnation breeds toxicity. A lot of the toxicity is also emotional burden, clogging the joints , sinuses and commonly the abdomen,

where unprocessed emotions are stored.

Emotion essentially means ‘energy in motion’, and anger is the great energy of movement when healthy. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to express these emotions healthily because they are not taught to, instead they are taught to suppress or ignore them. This repression can lead to stagnation and illness, unless it is healthily expressed by talking, discussing, or expressing in some form. Even writing may sometimes help to express it.

There are many factors that affect this system: hydration, movement, a healthy diet and rest also affect this system.

When you next feel sluggish or congestion in your body in some form, ask yourself if there is an emotional toxicity there or something you need to express or move out of the body in a healthy way?

This is the first step towards a healthy immune system and a lighter load.

If you are unsure what your body needs, your BodyTalk therapist will be able to check in to see what is the priority for your body at this time. As always, we work with priorities of the body to provide a personalised session vs practitioner agenda on what is needed. The lymphatic session is also individualised in that we are checking at each point which section of the protocol is needed first, and how it should be done. The person receiving the treatment’s body is giving the indication of how it should be. Even in a distant situation, this can be done through Mindscape with the same results. (see blog post on ‘having a distant session vs an in person session.’)

All BodyTalk/Lymphatic/healing sessions are individualised, personalised, sessions unique for the client, based on the innate wisdom of that person’s body. Through Mindscape, one can access the hologram information and know what will benefit the client. Just as each being is unique, each session will also be unique to that client.

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