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What to eat according to your Zodiac Sign

Mar 31, 2021
Demi Powell
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Did you know that each zodiac sign is linked to specific parts of the body?

It’s true! And that means that horoscope compatibility can reveal exactly what types of foods you should incorporate more of into your diet and which ones to avoid. Why not ditch the latest, greatest, most expensive fad diet of the moment and look to your zodiac sign for diet tips instead?

Each sign has some basic personality traits that can be balanced by following some general diet guidelines. These are not hard and fast rules, but will be extremely helpful for you to be aware of. Let’s get started!

Zodiac Sign Horoscope Compatibility with Food

Similarly to horoscope compatibility in love, certain zodiac signs end up gravitating to particular foods and find others completely intolerable. You may be scratching your head wondering how in the world astrology and your diet could be linked. To start, think about the four elements that each zodiac sign is grouped into.

Because Fire signs are hot heads, their metabolisms respond by kicking into high gear often and burning through food quickly. As a result, Aries, Sagittarians, and Leos can tire quickly if they haven’t eaten and might become irritable when they consume too much caffeine.

On the other hand, steady, stable Earth signs are infamous for their love of luxury and can fall into lethargy. Since Taureans, Capricorns, and Virgos are low-energy by nature, they could benefit by introducing more fruits and greens into their diets, and can almost always use a little caffeine boost.

According to horoscope compatibility, the types of foods you eat can help balance your body and your mental health, meaning you can take full advantage of your zodiac sign’s natural strengths while at the same time combatting and improving upon your weak points.

Diet Habits for Your Zodiac Sign, Based on Horoscope Compatibility

You can look to certain aspects of eating to bolster the natural strengths of your zodiac sign. You will also be able to determine certain foods that can give you the most energy because they are known to amplify the thing you do best.

For example, if you are a naturally intuitive Water sign, superfoods will increase intuition but grains will block it.

We’ve come up with some basic dietary recommendations for each zodiac sign, based on horoscope compatibility, that might give you some really helpful information that will unlock your personal power and decrease the feelings and behaviours that hold you back.

Let’s start with the basics before we hit the details.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) will tend to need a balance of cooked and raw foods to stay healthy.

Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) do well with raw foods but should avoid the heavy comfort foods that they tend to crave.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) need cooked, Earthy foods to stay grounded. The more colour in an Air sign’s diet, the better.

Fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) need carbs and lean proteins so their fast metabolisms have lots of available energy to work with.

Now let’s check out the horoscope compatibility for each zodiac sign to find out what each sign should eat to do their best today!


Aquarians are independent souls that have a streak of leadership and ideas for cultural revolutions are their specialty. Their originality can be embraced when they practice being true to what they love in food, regardless of what others are eating. Give yourself permission to explore your palate and try foods from all over the world. The more you go outside of the box and try new flavors and recipes, the more you’ll feel that sense of personal power and feel inspired to explore new ideas in life. Try recipes from other cultures with ingredients you’re unfamiliar with or go to restaurants where you don’t know what the items on the menu are.


The zodiac sign of the Fish is known to go with the flow, which means they may forget to get the full nutrient spectrum each day. They are so used to following their heart’s desires that they may forget that their body needs vitamins and veggies. If you make a habit of drinking a protein shake with lots of nutrients each day, establishing this little habit will help your body keep up with your spirit. You can also try setting loose daily rules for your diet that still allow you freedom, such as trying to eat at least one green veggie each day. If you give yourself these goals, you’ll find you won’t get sick as much - and you need a strong immune system if you’re going to stay up working on your latest creative project all night and still have energy the next day, dear Pisces.


The Paleo Diet is one that would be great for any Aries because it offers a high amount of protein and clean sources of fuel. Paleo also accommodates for ‘cheat days’ that give impulsive Aries one or two days a week to indulge. Aries can follow a strict regimen but also likes to have fun, we think this type of high-protein and plant diet will give you the most energy and still allow you to enjoy your relationship with food. The Paleo Diet is also low in refined sugars, which helps reduce blood sugar spikes that can lead to irritability - something most Aries need to watch out for. You might also find that intermittent fasting to keep your digestive system clean and your energy high works well for you. Because you may need to eat a lot of food to give you enough energy to keep up with all your goals, a weekly or monthly fast can give your organs a reset and cleanse your system of all the sugar you might have eaten on impulse on a cheat day.


For the practical, grounded Taurus, it’s important to have a clear idea of how much protein, fat, and calories you should be getting in order to make your food choices. Paying attention to protein, healthy fat, and nutrient dense foods in each meal will give you a good framework to stay healthy within. You’ll enjoy optimal energy when you get the proper amounts of fuel, and it can help overcome your tendencies to indulge in sweets or carb-y comfort foods that are full of flavor but leave you feeling hungry again in just an hour. To keep yourself from craving processed foods, use natural herbs and spices that keep your food tasting good. The zodiac sign of the Bull lives through their senses, so small meals throughout the day can help you overcome the lethargy of being an Earth sign by keeping your energy consistent. Taurus will enjoy the rewards of eating nutrient-dense meals regularly, which will result in a slimmer waistline and better sleep! Find healthy recipes you love and they’ll love you back.


While an Earth sign may love to eat the same thing each day because they fall in love with routines, Air sign Gemini has an insatiable curiosity and craves variety. In order to feel good and stay inspired in your day, allow yourself to try new types of foods and explore new restaurants. If you allow your creativity to explore new foods, you’re embracing your natural ability to take risks and learn which is your gateway to success. Also, we know you love to play so foods that have an element of fun to them such as fondue or Korean BBQ are right up your alley. Being an air sign, you can easily forget to eat so keep a variety of snacks with different flavors in your purse or car so you can eat regularly and stay grounded which will help you overcome the reputation of a Gemini to forget what they’ve said they would do. Because you are known to have two sides, allow yourself to indulge in both comfort foods or gourmet health foods. If you find your tastes are across the board, go with it because you aren’t someone that likes to be put in a box.


One of the most intuitive zodiac signs, the Crab’s dietary needs can change seasonally because they are very responsive to the environment. If you feel drawn to fruit and raw veggies in the summer but warm soups and curry in the winter, we say go with your gut because your strong intuition is your gift and following it will bring you success in all areas of life. Because Cancers tends to be a homebody, you will enjoy learning to cook nourishing meals that are not too heavy. Avoid gluten, processed foods, red meat and dairy because you can feel low energy eating these. You will feel best eating a mix of superfoods and clean cooked veggies with a low amount of carbs. Eating seasonal veggies and fruits and avoiding toxins like alcohol will help you have the best energy and boost your creativity. Because Cancers can be emotional, have a healthy protein bar or easy to prepare salad recipe you can go to when you feel like eating comfort food so you don’t give into emotional eating that would steal your energy. Soups, curries, salads, smoothies and lean proteins are your friend.


The Lion’s famous competitive streak can drive them to be healthy if they take on a fun dietary challenge with friends. If you and your friends decide to cut out refined sugar, limit alcohol and cut out all processed foods, you will enjoying winning in this diet that not only let’s you have that ‘I won’ grin you love to wear but it will also give you a lot more of the positive energy you love to share everywhere you go. Because you tend to have FOMO and want to attend every event under the sun, you need all the energy you can get. Challenge your friends to post every meal and compete for who is the most healthy to inspire yourself but also to use that motivating personality you have to help your friends get healthy too! You’ll also enjoy high-quality supplements that are exclusively sold at health food stores that you can share the benefits of in your social circles. You love to be the one to come up with a good idea after all!


One of Virgo’s greatest strengths is that their organization skills are heightened compared to others. They can see all the moving parts and find the one thing that is dragging down a huge system which means, they can fix things and enjoy it. If you want to succeed in your diet as a Virgo, plan plan plan. That means shop for the week and make your meals ahead of time so that you know you’re giving your body the optimal intake and quality of food based on your budget (we know you have one). Make a chart that shows your daily, weekly and monthly calorie intake and how it influences your health in areas of energy, resisting sickness and weight loss. There are great apps for tracking calories and health goals. You want to know what is in things and what they do for you so research the most complex system of all, the human body. Keep a detailed food journal so you can track how you’re able to improve your health by adjusting your diet and supplement regiment. Even track how much you exercise to find what is too much and what is too little and you’ll find the efficient amount of exercise that gives you good energy.


Social Librans like to be with people so we suggest working out with a friend and you’re more likely to stick with a regular exercise plan. Because you’re an air sign, it’s best not to skip meals because you can lose all track of time and get ungrounded easily. You can, however, choose slow carbs that release over time such as vegetables, seeds and nuts which includes nut butters and seed butters. Because plants have low calories compared to processed foods, you can also allow yourself to eat more and make feasts with your ever so treasured friends without the guilt or food coma. Also be sure to eat a balanced diet because it will help you remember to keep the balance in life that you tend to continue to need to find. That means having a well-rounded plate with all the main food groups and don’t monocrop (eating just one food) because you’ll miss out on vital nutrients.


Scorpios never have just one cookie or just one chip. Scorpions live life in an all or nothing way. That means if you’re going to have snacks around, make sure they are healthy ones because your portion control is practically non-existent. However, you also want to know things on a deep level which means getting to know what is in your food can help you thrive. When you discover where your food comes from and how it affects your brain and organs, you’ll find what gives you good energy and what does not on an energetic level. If you connect emotionally to your food because you know it comes from a local small farm, you’ll feel better about eating it. You’ll also be hyper-aware of poisoning yourself if you are eating toxic food once you look at ingredients and that will help your intellectual side guide you to the right choices. Free range and organic food is going to make you feel good physically and emotionally because you’re all about why choices are made and looking beneath the surface. When you find a diet you love, you’ll stick to it and no one will be able to pull you away from it because you have such a great ability to focus and be determined.


Just as Sagittarius has the best horoscope compatibility with signs that let them have freedom, their diet needs to be the same. The zodiac sign of the Archer is infamous for rejecting anything strict lifestyle that is limited with lots of rules. In order to let your love for adventure run wild with food, explore the vast plant, herb, and spice world instead of the vast processed food world. That way you won’t feel like you’re restricting yourself but you’re moderating the quality of your choices to be just as evolved as your soul. Because Sagittarius has such a strong streak of independence, they need to be able to choose what they eat and when to promote that sense of independence. Sagittarius will enjoy eating sustainable and ethically sourced products because of their idealistic and compassionate nature.


When it comes to what is good for a Capricorn to eat, they need food that will sustain their disciplined work ethic and they need to know why it makes sense to eat something. Sea-Goats are not the type to eat trendy foods, they will be the ones that eat for purpose and because it makes sense long term. If they study what will create long term heart health, good cholesterol and lower inflammation or digestive issues, they will know what to eat. Because they always have a long-term plan, they will eat things that fit into it which will most likely be a low-carb, high-protein diet that requires little prep time. Staple vegetables that will lower heart disease risk and keep digestion regular are attractive to a Capricorn. They also like shopping for seasonal produce because they get the best bargain. Plan what to eat for the week the week ahead based on cost, health, and of course enjoyment and you’ll find you will feel your best. If you work too much without eating, you can get run down and won’t be putting your best foot forward.

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