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Feb 26, 2021

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The Swimming Dragon is an ancient Chinese Qigong exercise that comes to us through the Taoist tradition. If practiced diligently and regularly, it has the power to improve our health, enhance our physical appearance, and improve our general well-being.

The Swimming Dragon is named for the serpentine movement of the body while practicing which resembles a Chinese Dragon swimming. In traditional Daoism, this exercise is also known as The Tiger’s Waist Exercise, Willow Waist, or Triple Bracelets Encircling the Moon.

The Swimming Dragon is a self-contained exercise that is generally practiced by repeating a short cycle of movements in sessions lasting from five to twenty minutes. Each cycle of exercise takes about one minute. It is easy to learn and perform and brings pleasant and beneficial results as soon as one begins to practice it.

During the exercise, the body smoothly and evenly rises and lowers and, at the same time, swings to the left and right. The movements are simple and the swinging movements fully stretch out the body. The spine is twisted in an “S” shape and extended to its maximum length. It requires the entire body, especially the waist and abdominal area, perform large scale swinging movements. In moving the body from side to side with legs together while shifting the pelvis stimulates the groin area. This in turn stimulates the endocrine system.

The Swimming Dragon is actually a comprehensive system of care for the internal organs, spine and meridian systems, In particular, the movements have beneficial influences on the intestines, stomach, lungs and kidneys and encourage relaxation.

Practicing this Qi Gong exercise is very effective for stimulating the free flow of Energy and Blood throughout the body while breaking up any stagnation that might be present. This Qi Gong exercise also helps maintain the strength and flexibility of all the joints including the spine. In addition practicing this exercise also helps to strengthen all the internal organs and benefits the Kidney energy.

This Qi Gong

reduces weight without dieting

waist is made more slender and flexible

stimulates metabolism

increases and balances energy

improves skin tone

helps eliminate wrinkles

reduces tension by relaxing the body and calming the mind

improves muscle tone and enhances flexibility in joints

adjusts and stretches the spine

naturally improves posture

massages deep muscles all the way to the bone

frees and deepens breathing

benefits all internal organs

sends energy to vital organs by stimulating meridians

Above all these specific benefits, the main benefit of the Swimming Dragon is the production and circulation of Chi, leading to longer life and increased vitality. is very simple to learn.

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