Take the first step towards your authentic, empowered self!
Sep 4, 2023

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Are you feeling trapped in the never-ending cycle of pleasing others, sacrificing your dreams, and losing touch with your true self?

Are you sick and tired of trying to maintain that picture perfect image of the woman that everybody wants you to be and keeps expecting you to be?

Are you exhausted from trying to be everything to everyone? The good daughter.. the amazing wife…the reliable friend..and the perfect employee?

Do you find yourself saying YES when you mean NO, fearing what others will think if you dare to be authentic and show up as the REAL you? 💔

First of all - you're not alone. I've been there, I've felt that same pressure to get it all right and show up in a way that everyone expected me to. And it SUCKED. I was drained, depleted, exhausted and physically an emotionally burned out.

And I'm here to tell you - it's possible to break free from that cycle and walk the path from self-suppression to self-expression! 🌟

If you find yourself:

  • Constantly anxious and stressed about letting others down 🌪️
  • Emotionally drained, with no time for YOU 🥀
  • Feeling guilty for wanting something different 🎭
  • Yearning for freedom, fulfillment, and your own voice 🦋
  • Then it's time to get super honest with yourself and ask yourself if this is really how you want to live your life. And if that answer is no - then it’s time to start doing something about it instead of just wishing or hoping that things will change as you keep telling yourself and everyone around you that “something’s gotta give”.

As a mindset and life coach, I specialize in helping women like YOU overcome the stress, overwhelm and burnout that comes from living life under the shadows of Good Girl Syndrome. My entire mission revolves around guiding women just like you towards an authentic life that’s free of societal constraints and expectations so you can live life on YOUR terms, without guilt or shame and with the freedom to be who you truly are. ✨

Together, we'll build your inner advocate (a concept I created to kick your inner critic to the curb), stop the people pleasing (permanently), set firm boundaries, and and unearth your true desires so you can find the joy, passion and fulfillment inside of you that has been stifled for far too long.
My unique blend of mindset mastery (coupled with just the right dose of bad-assery,) spirituality and aspects of the divine feminine will awaken your inner leader, nurturing you from pain to purpose, confusion to clarity, chaos to calm and fear to freedom. 🌺

If that sounds like something that would feel good to you - drop me a DM and let’s connect! As I’ve learned life is already far shorter than we ever think it will be and too big of a gift to spend being someone you’re not and doing things you don’t actually love. So let's take the first step towards your authentic, empowered self. Your future is waiting, and from where I’m sitting, it's absolutely beautiful.

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