October 21


Although translated from Sanskrit as Yogic Sleep, we must actively avoid falling asleep during Yoga Nidra. This very potent form of meditation takes us to the conduit between the conscious waking mind and the subconscious mind. The sub conscious mind is a deep well where all our latent memories lay dormant. Childhood, teenage and adult memories of fear, neglect, criticism, denial,

betrayal. You name it the entire spectrum of human emotional upheavals are quietly waiting to surface to the top of the well. These manifest into our everyday lives through our experiences which awaken these latent memories and dictate our behaviour. Obviously, there are happy memories also residing within the subconscious mind.

Therefore we are the product of our sub conscious mind and so all our self-identity, behaviours, reactions, beliefs etc are all dictated by it, and whether we know it or not, that is where all our information to navigate life resides.

What if we are in a perpetual state of negative behaviours, relationships, and lifestyle? How can we change to better our lives? Enter Yoga Nidra.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati developed Yoga Nidra from an Ancient Tantric practice to make it easy and more accessible to modern man.

Yoga Nidra is not hypnosis and it is not suggestive like hypnosis. It is a guided meditation in which the facilitator takes the practitioner through a rotation of conscious awareness and visual awareness. We enter the edge of sleep, the psychological dimension known as the superconscious mind. The brain enters the Alpha state where deep relaxation, conscious dreaming and visionary states are experienced. Yoga Nidra takes us into our inner realm of creativity, learning, awareness,,. and manifestation.

It is not concentration. We are building awareness. Awareness developed in the sub conscious mind translates as awareness in our waking lives and we begin to drop negative behaviours simply because we become more aware. We also implant positive messages into the brain which activate during our conscious waking state.

Regular practice of Yoga Nidra has been proven to create positive behavioural changes in practitioners. We can learn languages, pass tests, develop confidence and improve sleep, mental disorders etc. All positive and creative potential is unlocked with Yoga Nidra.

To have deeper knowledge of this powerful self-mastery tool I recommend further research, as I have just touched the surface here.

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