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Tantra Lifestyle – What it entails

Jan 18, 2021
Reading time 9 min.

I receive so many questions on how to live a Tantra Lifestyle that I decided to devote this month’s newsletter to the subject. As we are all human, the question that one person will ask will be relevant to many people. Perhaps you will find the answer to your burning question here, or perhaps you will find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had till you read these answers.

Multi Orgasmic Man

Question: How can a man become multi-orgasmic?

Answer: For a man to become multi orgasmic, he needs to open the central kundalini channel between his perineum and his crown chakra. This is achieved by practicing:

Silent Meditation

Osho Dynamic Meditation

Osho Kundalini Meditation

Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation

Full Body Orgasm Meditation

Tantric Lovemaking Practices

Energy follows intent. So, he needs to invite his sexual energy, once aroused, into an inward and upward flow. This takes practice. When this flow happens even one time, it will become progressively easier.

I recommend that you purchase my online course Master Lover, which will guide you into more in-depth work with this practice.

Many times, people believe that If they just learn a specialized technique, all will be resolved. However, we are not linear beings. We are holistic, including body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. To become multi orgasmic, a man may need to change his diet, learn ecstatic dance, do a breath group, meditate, practice massage and learn Tantric lovemaking meditations. His entire life will go through a profound metamorphosis and this multidimensional transformation will bring him into readiness for becoming multi-orgasmic.

Ovarian Breathing

Question: I am doing practice from Mantak Chia’s teaching. It is Ovarian Breathing. We use imagination to take energy from ovaries to microcosmic orbit (a loop of energy running from perineum around spine up to the head to front body-back to perineum). If we practice ovarian breathing for couple of months, we can stop menstruation. Because energy is now used for whole body, not for creating an egg. If we want to have it again, stop practicing for a few months.

I would like to ask your idea about this? Is it good to stop menstruation?

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you.

Answer: This is an interesting subject.

In my view, just as it is important for men to ejaculate from time to time and would be obstructive to his nature never to ejaculate, I think it is also important for woman to be in friendliness with her menstruation. It is a small death, once a month, and, actually, if we relax with this natural cycle, which is tuned to moon and tides, life cycles, etc, it helps us to gain wisdom as a woman. It is good to remember that the Baul Mystics, a Tantra tradition from India, have a festival to celebrate menstruating women. They do elaborate rituals to honour the menstruating women as Goddesses. When menstruating, it is good to rest, to meditate, together with other women, to let your blood flow to the earth, to feel the miracle which is woman. If we seek to stop this gift given by nature, which is, in essence, the gift of reproduction, in a certain sense we are rejecting the wonderful honour nature has given us, to be the birth givers of not only babies, but also the birth givers for a life affirmative approach to spirituality, in tune with nature.

In the Taoist approach, they are very concerned with longevity and immortality. If this is your focus, how to attain immortality, then the Taoist approach will make sense. It means that in order to choose immortality, you give up your femininity. If this is your soul calling, then so be it. If, however, you would rather move on the path of female spirituality, then all that is woman is to be honoured and celebrated.

Tantric Self- Pleasuring for Women

Question: How can woman self-pleasure herself in a tantric way? How will this look like?

Answer: Here below, I offer a description of a date with yourself using the Tachyon Pleasure Wand, (which you can order from our shop on www.tantra-essence.com Use the code Sarita for a 10% discount.) If you don’t wish to use the pleasure wand, you can simply use your fingers and do the same actions as are described below.

Tachyon Pleasure Wand: A Date with Yourself (for women)

Now that you have received your Tachyon Pleasure Wand I am sure you are excited to try it out. Here is a flowing way to enter into the discovery of its amazing potential and to enhance every aspect of your capacity for ecstasy.

Prepare for a ‘Date with Yourself’

Bathe and then anoint your body with your favourite yummy body butter or oil. Wear a silky diaphanous gown or sarong. Prepare your bedroom with soft candle-light or low lighting from lamps and prepare your bed as if to receive a queen (you!). Burn incense or essential oils, which enhance the mood. Play sensuous soft music or music from nature (dolphin sounds, bird song, flowing water, etc.).

Dance with yourself and as you dance, give yourself compliments, really enjoying your beauty and sensuality. Slowly undress yourself.

Moving onto the bed, begin massaging and caressing your body, from head to toe. Begin with extremities and slowly, taking about 20 minutes, move towards your genitals. When you reach to your genitals, use a lot of organic lubricant and begin a teasing way of touch on the genital area, first pubic mound, then outer lips, and slowly to the inside of the inner lips, and then only after a delicate caressing of the inner lips should you move into contact with a caressing of your clitoris.

By this time, you may experience yourself as being quite lubricated from your Yoni and your clitoral network may be in a state of excitation and erection.

Now, take your Tachyonized Pleasure Wand, making sure it is well lubricated with cacao butter or Tachyonized lubricant. Begin slowly and delicately caressing your outer and inner lips, and your clitoris with the smaller, rounded end of the Pleasure Wand. You may be surprised how quickly you feel ready for orgasm, but don’t go all the way yet! Take your time to really enjoy caressing your outer genitals till you can’t bear another minute of teasing.

At this point, you can gently begin inserting the tip of the Pleasure Wand inside your Yoni, and again, take your time to enjoy a teasing presence around the entrance to your Yoni. If the energy ‘build up’ becomes too intense at any time during your pleasure play, use the smaller rounded end of the wand towards your body and stroke through your aura from head to toe several times. This will open up a dynamic flow of energy and ecstasy through your whole body, bringing some relief from the exquisite build-up of energy in your genitals. After the auric stroking, you can again move into contact with your genitals with the wand.

Continue gently inserting the wand to the extent that feels pleasurable to you. It is fine to also withdraw it from time to time and gently caress your external genitals or your nipples and breasts with it. In this way, allow the energy of pleasure to slowly build up to a crescendo. As you continue your waves of pleasure, it is important to continue whispering or murmuring sweet endearments to yourself, how beautiful and how powerful you are, how surrendered to ecstasy you can be.

You may like to enjoy various kinds of orgasm, whether that be one single orgasm, chain orgasm, multiple orgasm, cervical orgasm or amrita. You may find your capacity for orgasm is greatly enhanced by using the Tachyonized Pleasure Wand.

When you are sated, gently hold and cuddle yourself and really feel how much love is overflowing in and around you.

If you become ready for sleeping, make sure you have placed your Tachyon wand with the smaller rounded end facing down towards your feet, maintaining a flow of grace through your auric field.

Note: Please remember that if you desire to use your Tachyon wand in your anus, you should boil it and sterilize it before using it in your yoni.

By using your Tachyonized Pleasure Wand during a ‘Date with Yourself’, you are activating more of your capacity for pleasure and you may find that the next time you are with a lover your excitation will be greatly enhanced.

An alternative to having a date with yourself, is to use this wand as a healing tool. You can simply lay with the wand inside you and rest as it does its healing work on your Yoni and Cervix.

I look forward to hearing your feedback after you have tried having a Tachyon enhanced ‘Date with Yourself.’

Sounds In Sex

Question: When the orgasm is coming, my partner doesn’t dare to scream out loud. I found it is repressed in the unconscious mind. How to help this situation?

Answer: Your partner simply needs to learn and practice emotional release methods such as Osho’s Dynamic Meditation or Pillow Beating Meditation or Becoming the Emotions Meditation. If he can learn to express his anger, sadness and laughter then slowly he will be able to express his natural sounds of ecstasy during lovemaking. These meditations are explained in detail in my book Tantra Alchemy (to be published soon), or you can find these meditations through www.Osho.com

The same protocol applies to women in case they have difficulty in making sounds in sex. The more we are able to allow sounds during sex, the more pleasurable our orgasmic flow will be.

How To Meet A Soul Mate?

Question: I have heard about the possibility of meeting a soul mate and would like to have this experience. Is it really possible? I heard you offer a Soul Mate Training. What does this mean? I thought a soul mate is someone we are destined to meet. How can someone learn this from a training?

Answer: This is a complex question but my answer is actually very simple. If you have sexual chemistry and loving relations with someone, you can journey on the Tantra path for couples together. Through Tantra meditations in partnership you can evolve into soul mates. The soul mate phenomenon happens when two people are able to meet in orgasmic union in all seven chakras. Tantra practices will cleanse and open the seven chakras and help you and your partner to meet body mind and soul. It is a very powerful journey.

I have developed a very unique training for this called the Tantra Soul Mate Training. The training is held as a series of 7 levels, taking about 3 ½ years to complete. I have been teaching this training since 1998, facilitating countless couples on their journey into love and intimacy. I have been privileged to witness and to experience so many miracles happening for couples. I am in awe at the power of love to heal, to uplift and to transform.

You are saying you believe that the soul mate phenomenon is destined. It is true that there are some Karmic relationships that have immense power and magnetism. However, without the refinements offered by Tantra meditation, it is common that these powerful attractions may end up in complex entanglements leading to confusion and suffering. Even if you meet a destined partner, it is not a guarantee that this relationship can bring fulfilment. Just as we tend to our garden to bring forth flowers and fruits, we also need to tend to our relationships, to bring forth deepest fulfilment. The best way to tend to the garden of love is through practicing Tantra meditations together.

Your Life’s Purpose

Question: How do I find out what is my life’s purpose? I am interested in so many things, but now, today, on my 40th birthday, I am in a depressed state of mind. I would like to have children with my beloved, but, in actuality, I don’t know if this is truly my life’s purpose. I am sure I knew my purpose before I was born, but then forgot it. This makes me anxious and depressed.

Answer: It is true that before we are born, we know our life’s purpose. The birth trauma and subsequent conditioning draws a veil over our natural sense of direction in life. And it is also true that unless we are living our soul calling, we can never feel completely happy. In order to discover one’s soul calling, it is important to throw off the conditioning given by others and discover our inner truth. Breath work, bio energetics, primal therapy or 21 days of Osho Dynamic Meditation will release the chains of the past and help to open up to being who you are meant to be.

To find your life’s purpose, remember what you used to love to play as a child. As children, we are still somehow in tune with our life’s purpose and will choose modes of play that reflect that. As you reflect on the ways you chose to play as a child, and translate that into possible adult professions, finally you will discover your passion in life.

An example from my childhood is that even at a very early age, other children would come to me asking for my advice about any mental or emotional distress they might be in. I would immediately feel empathy and offer them advise or comfort. The answers to their problems would magically become known to me, even though I had no idea where the answer came from. As you can see, I am still living this aspect of my soul calling! Some other child may find themselves building mud castles. Or another child may find him or herself setting up shops or playing doctor, and so on. The choices we make and what we are drawn to before being conditioned by others, mirror something in our soul that wants to be lived in this body and in this life.

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