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Jan 14, 2021

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If we really realise this we get a large clue into understanding Kundalini beyond its exotic connotation. For Kundalini, simply put, is a term given to personal energy fields; and when we talk about ‘raising our Kundalini’, what it actually means is an expansion of our personal energy field. And as we extend our individual energy fields from current self to higher and wider aspects, ultimately coming into pure consciousness and its oneness, we naturally experience its bliss - indeed what Kundalini is mostly associated with- within us.

If you remember that energy follows thought, it follows that mind expansion - Gyan yoga – and its expanded thinking helps raise our Kundalini! Gyan yoga encompasses a long-term concentrated attention on higher aspects of self and life; our attention shifts from the microcosm to the macrocosm and with our attention thus placed energies follow…and over time indeed this leads almost automatically to enhanced energy fields. This answers why we can be operating from a raised Kundalini and its higher awareness and bliss without ever doing any direct ‘Kundalini work’; and why gyani’s are able to touch enlightened states of being.

Of course it also follows, that a raised Kundalini (through whichever means, for there are many ways of expanding your energy field) implies the wisdom and purity of an expanded mind – and this answers those who ask how energy management, be it through pranayam, kriya’s, chakra work or meditation results in higher, finer, clearer thinking. Of course the two together - mind expansion and meditation or some means of directly working with your energies - help raise the Kundalini - expand your personal energy field – at a geometric rate!

Energy follows thought - think about this and you will then understand why Bhakti yoga results in a raising of your Kundalini! Bhakti is typically considered devotion to God but at deeper levels it is love in its different expressions – beginning with the love of self and evolving into the unconditional love for humanity and indeed all that is; and if your focus is on love, if your centre of attention is love … your energies follow in tandem … you indeed dwell in an expanded energy field moment- to–moment for the feeling we call love is in itself an extension of self to Self… leading thereby to what’s then called a rising of your Kundalini!

Energy follows thought - also explains why meditation helps in expanding your personal energy fields and why guided mediations are becoming so popular! Guided meditations are actually the modern alternative to ancient dhyana techniques…whereby you willfully with a clearly honed focus place your attention on higher, indeed divine aspects of self. Your energies follow and if you are a regular meditator (through guided means or not) , over time your energy fields blend and merge and become one with your point of concentration in these meditations - be it your Master, your God or the Universe – all symbols or pure consciousness.

This expanded energy field then leads to higher, finer and purer thinking and beingness …and you have set into chain an ongoing expansion! It is somewhat akin to seeding your energy field with the fragrance of divine thoughts so that like a lover who yearns to follow his beloved’s scent, your energy fields are drawn to these higher and finer aspects of self!

In analogy think of the gopi’s being pulled by Krishna’s flute…which beckons them every so hauntingly…towards this same inner union.

Energy follows thought means therefore that your energies can be put through continuous concentration and constant attention! And thus raising your Kundalini is not as exotic as it seems, and is more about where your thoughts are at daily. As your mind expands, as love flows through you, as your centre of attention shifts from the lower mind centers (chakra’s) to the higher…your personal energy field correspondingly responds!

This leads to two further collieries: based on the law of attraction, if you are vibrating at a higher finer frequency you are attracting like wise into your life! And more importantly, energy resists its opposite…so raised energy fields automatically resist the denser energy signatures of anger, judgment, sorrow and the like…and we find our self increasingly in sync with the universal qualities of love and beingness!

This may also make you better understand why a raising of your Kundalini must be a process which gradually unfurls…through the different instruments of gyan and bhakti and Kriya and meditation…tailor made for you; and why artificial means to raise your Kundalini through fast fix routes is inadvisable.

Remember a raised Kundalini means expanded energy fields. Remember your current physical reality is only a reflection of this inner you! And if you compel your Kundalini to rise, whatever is not in alignment with this expanded aspect of Self… cannot ‘be’ and thus you may experience it’s purification, cleansing, removal process on the outside as crisis or havoc in your day-to-day life. Density cannot coexist with raised energies and whatever doesn’t match this expansion – be it eroded but safe relationships or restrictive but comfort-zone structures and the like will start to disintegrate and without the support of gyan and its deep understanding, without the succor of bhakti and its deep acceptance…without the dedication to self growth ….you may be well thrown off guard!

Kundalini is a vast subject and can be tackled from many perspectives and all I seek to do through this writing is to eliminate some of the mystic aura around it! You do not need to go to someone who promises you a fast fix means of raising your Kundalini, you do not need someone to confer on you your Masterhood… you do not need to be a yogi in the mountains … you can do it at your own comfort zone from where you currently are.

Tapas is not in complex processes to which you don’t resonate… tapas truly is in finding your perfect mix, within which a passionate concentrated journey but naturally unravels and keeps you on track! Gyan is an amazing way for the more intellectually inclined… Kriya, pranayam or hath yoga works just as well for those more inclined to these …and all inner expansion inherently leads to bhakti which automatically amplifies the process… leading you to a 24⁄7 meditation within…and an enhanced reality on the outside! And that’s truly what’s called a raised Kundalini!

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