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Nutrients To Fuel Our Body
Jul 14, 2021

Reading time 2 min.

Monday I was in Meditation and all I could hear was my tummy rumbling. Do you ever get like that, sometimes no matter what you eat, your tummy still wants food. How do you feel when you are hungry? Probably grumpy, tired, sluggish and all around not happy. Well I've got news for you. We all know that when we eat, we feel one thousand times better than we did to the previous 5 minutes earlier. So what can we do about that, we I don't want to to immediately dive into the chocolate cupboard, Nooo that's for later and only if its more than 70% dark chocolate by the way.

For us to get the right amount of nutrients to fuel our bodies, we need to eat whole, nutritious foods. This includes foods that haven't been that processed and are natural foods. The least amount of ingredients in the food, the better. Once we are fuelled correctly, this then allows our bodies to function correctly as the energy from our foods is going to the right areas within our bodies. Nutrition can be a minefield, so it’s a good idea to start with the basics.

We need nutrition to keep healthy and stay alive. This means that our bodies do not produce any nutrition, so we need to source this from food and water. Nutrients are vital for disease prevention, growth and good health. These are then broken down into two categories: Macronutrients and Micronutrients.
Macronutrients come in the form of actual large quantities of food and help to provide your body with energy. These are protein, carbohydrates and fat.
Micronutrients come in the form of vitamins and minerals which are only needed in small amounts. Snag your FREE Nutrition Guide Now! By Clicking HERE.

When we eat sugary foods, our insulin spikes making us feel like on top of the world and like we have so much energy. This lasts for around an hour and then we get an slump, where our blood sugar levels dip below the normal line of function and then we feel tired, sluggish and grumpy. We then eat more sugary foods to compensate this. This then becomes a viscous cycle.

If we eat more pure foods and whole foods which have a low Glycaemic Index (GI) then our blood sugar levels tend to stabilise releasing the insulin slower, making us feel better for longer. This then allows our hormones to be at a consistent flow throughout our body. This makes us feel calm, happy and less snappy which is what we are aiming for.

Have you ever been in that situation before where you have had an argument with your partner and then you go and raid the fridge for you to feel better? This is because your cortisol levels (stress hormones) are higher which then releases the adrenaline within your body. Having adrenaline within your body makes you feel hungry and this is why you raid the fridge. So next time you feel like this, try and eat more wholesome foods. For a list of these foods, Click HERE and start your journey towards a successful healthy diet or weight loss today and let this be your number one go to for your relationship food.

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Nutritional Therapy
$150 USD
Nutritional Therapy Consultation

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The key to my success is the holistic…

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Nutritional Therapy
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Be Well Nutrition and Wellness Counseling

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Brenda Viens
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Pet Nutrition Consultation

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Alex Eaton
Nutritional Therapy
$190 USD
Paediatric Nutrition Initial Appointment

Paediatric nutrition support includes support with:

  • Digestive concerns: bloating, pain, diarrhea, constipation, celiac disease, reflux
  • Picky eating
  • Taste, textures, flavours or mixed foods challenges
  • Poor weight gain and/or slow growth…
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