Non-dual Mindfulness
Apr 8, 2021

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There are numerous pathways into non-dual mindfulness. Most forms of meditation, if you push them to their farthest limit, will take you into a nondual experience. Which one(s) will work for you involves practice and experience.

In this post, I’ll lead you through one practice that I’ve found works well for people who’ve done a fair amount of mindfulness meditation practice in the past.

The essence of nondual contemplation is the understanding that nondual awareness is something you have constantly. It’s not a special state or some kind of peak experience that you have to learn to achieve. Instead, the state of nonduality is always there, and it’s simply something that you learn to notice.

Most types of nondual reflection use this noticing principle to show you the piece of your experience that is now nondual. Thus the crux of the practice of nondual meditation is to learn to see this already-existing nondual aspect of awareness.

Try this Nondual Meditation Practice

Sit in a relaxed position. There is no special meditation posture for this practice. Breathe normally and comfortably and spend a few moments simply relaxing a bit and letting go of other concerns.

Gently look at some stuff in your current environment. It tends to be something simple like a seat or a plant, however, it doesn’t make a difference what it is. Notice on the off chance that you can that the item is alert. Not that it’s an “entity” or anything like that, but simply that it is shining with awareness. In a sense, the object is as much aware of you as you are of it. Feel the sense of the object monitoring it as you know about it.

Next, move to a subsequent item and notice something very similar. This item is sparkling with awareness. It is wakeful and mindful and seeing you. Simultaneously, you are seeing it. Feel the sense of the object being aware of you at the same time as you are aware of it.

At that point move to a third item and, once more, notice that it is sparkling in mindfulness. It is conscious and mindful and seeing you. Simultaneously, you are seeing it. Feel the feeling of the article monitoring you simultaneously as you know about it.

Continue to do this with each piece of the visual field. There is no item in the visual field that isn’t sparkling in mindfulness. All items are wakeful and mindful and holding you in mindfulness as you are holding it in mindfulness.

Notice the whole visual field. Relax your gaze even more and notice the whole of the visual “screen” as one massive field of awareness. This field of mindfulness knows about you as you know about it. It is awake and gazing softly at you as you are awake and gazing softly at it.

Next notice that the awareness that knows about you isn’t the same as the awareness with which you are seeing it. It is all one field of awareness. No matter what you are aware of, that is additionally mindful with similar mindfulness. Mindfulness is everything that matters. Look at something far away, and notice that it is the same awareness as your awareness of your deepest emotions. In the field of this mindfulness, there is no difference. It is all one wakefulness, one experience. It is one. One.

In this space of one mindfulness, there is only intimacy and connection. Since everything is alert and mindful of everything in one mindfulness without detachment, everything is known. Nothing is covered up. Everything is open and shared. Everything is delicate. There is simply absolute mindfulness and total connection.

Whenever you like, end this act of nondual meditation.

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