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Hello everyone! I’m happy to be here and share my knowledge on various topics.
Abnormal Psychology
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About Alex Jones

Hello everyone! I’m happy to be here and share my knowledge on various topics.

45 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021
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Alex Jones2021-04-12 07:38 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-09 06:30 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-09 06:26 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-08 14:24 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-08 14:22 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-07 13:22 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-07 13:15 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-06 12:47 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-02 15:30 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-04-01 14:22 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-31 14:55 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-30 14:49 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-30 14:20 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-25 13:27 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-25 13:20 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-24 15:08 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-24 14:57 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-22 14:40 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-22 14:35 UTC

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Alex Jones2021-03-19 11:39 UTC

New article How to identify groupthink: An introduction to the Abilene Paradox already available!…

Alex Jones2021-03-19 11:36 UTC

New article Five Things You Need to Know About Social Sustainability and Inclusion already available!…

Alex Jones2021-03-19 11:00 UTC

New article On Thomas Kuhn already available!

Alex Jones2021-03-17 12:17 UTC

New article Exocortex (Your Brain On Internet) already available!…

Alex Jones2021-03-17 12:00 UTC

New article Horn Implants already available!

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