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Mind Power – How To Break Free Of Limiting Beliefs

Mar 29, 2018
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Mind power is an essential tool for wellbeing. We can use it to break free of limiting beliefs and access our unlimited Source of love, joy, creativity and everything our heart truly desires. This Source of wellbeing is also creative energy. It is the raw material that everything is created from.

Whenever we give attention to something, this creative energy flows through us and expands, enlivens and charges the object of our attention. The tool we use to focus attention is the mind. Mind itself isn’t the creator of wellbeing, but it is the focuser, the conduit, the medium through which unlimited creative energy, love, abundance, all that is, can flow through. We use mind power to create everything in our lives, including wellbeing, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously.

How We Use Mind Power To Create

We start this creative process with just a single thought. Let’s say that you want to have a fluffy, white kitten in your life. The idea forms in your mind and you like how you feel when you contemplate this adorable little being. The idea, or thought form, is like a mold. Because it feels good, your mind returns to the idea frequently and feeds energy into your vision of this warm friend. Through your mind power, by focusing attention you are directing the universal creative energy to fill the mold, thereby making your vision more and more substantial. If this process continues, your vision will gather so much energy that a warm, friendly, fluffy, white kitten will manifest out of the pure energy realms and begin to make it’s way to you in the physical.

This is the fun side of creativity, using the power of positive thinking. On the other side of the creative process, we also unconsciously use our mind power to create things we don’t want. if there is something you are afraid of and you keep feeding attention there, you can attract that into your physical life as well. So if you want to decrease your negative manifestations look out for anything that you feed attention to that brings negative feelings with it.

When you notice that happening, don’t resist or submerge the feelings; allow them to be there. By being aware of them but not resisting, the negative feelings will begin dissipating and release by themselves.

You can also do an energy healing session for yourself to release the suffering around them. Then, using the bridging exercise, bridge your way into a positive thought stream on the subject.

I’d also be happy to coach you in a powerful healing process to release all suffering in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

The Imagination

The envisioning process that we used above to manifest the white kitten is actually just consciously using your imagination, which is another aspect of mind power. Anything that you can “imagine” you can create into your experience. The realm of the imagination is much more than a fantasy world. It is a very real plane of existence from which all things are created.

The process of imagining something is actually using your inner eyes to view an unlimited catalog of options that are available for you to experience. Anything that you can view in your imagination already exists in energetic form somewhere in the inner planes of energy. To manifest what we want on this physical plane, we just need to use mind power to feed the idea of it with positive attention and not sabotage it with opposing visions and beliefs of not experiencing it.

Beliefs Are Only Thoughts

So, even though wellbeing is abundantly available to us, we have this gatekeeper, the mind, which determines how much of it we experience. What opens or closes the gate to wellbeing is our thoughts and beliefs. Using our mind power, a positive thought or belief opens the gate into wellbeing; negative ones close it. You can tell immediately which is which, by how you feel.

Although they seem to have a lot of power, negative beliefs are really just thoughts that have been “rethunk” over and over and take on the appearance of reality. They appear to be more solid than thoughts, only because we have practiced them so many times that they have gathered more energy than other thoughts. We have fed them consistently with the food of our attention.

Then, since like attracts like, those thoughts draw more thoughts that are similar to them. A snowball effect happens. Unless checked, these thoughts expand with so much energy, that they move from the pure energy realm into the physical realm – into an unwanted manifestation. This is when we unconsciously use our precious mind power to create a negative “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

This is how a thought becomes a belief, or expectation. At this point you may say, “The reason that I believe this is because it is true.” What is actually going on, however, is that you believe it because you’ve practiced the thought so many times that the Universal Source Energy has no choice but to create and fill that mold for you and it becomes your reality.

In the end, however, beliefs are still just thoughts. With some effort we can change them (and our lives!).

Beliefs Either Limit Or Expand Your WellBeing

The experiences that we define as abundance, love and all good things are actually all one thing at the core: Source Energy. This Source is always available to us, and actually, at our core, is us. The only thing that keeps us from experiencing that is resistance, which manifests in the form of negative beliefs. With your mind power you can release those limiting beliefs and abundance, joy, and love flow freely to you, automatically! We’ll talk about how to do this below.

The amount of wellbeing you allow into your life is defined by the boundaries of your beliefs. You can repeat all the affirmations in the world in an attempt to change your life for the better, but it won’t do any good at all unless you believe them as a possible reality for you.

Beliefs Form The Blueprint Of Your Life

Remember the first Matrix movie? There were parallels in it between the mind and a very complex computer with countless virtual reality programs. There was a scene where Neo, the main character, was on a skyscraper rooftop in a virtual reality training program with Morpheus, his teacher. In the program, the goal was to leap from one skyscraper to another.

When Neo hesitated, doubting whether or not he was that powerful, Morpheus said, “Don’t think you are, know you are. Release doubt, fear, and disbelief.” Then Morpheus leaped across to the next building. When Neo tried to follow the first time, he plummeted down to the ground. He wanted to believe he could do it, but it was too big a leap for his mind to make all at once.

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”

Henry Ford

This was a great illustration of mind power. I believe this is how “miracles” happen. The power of intention and belief can transcend any limit. If you were to focus on something with laser-sharp focus, not letting in any thoughts or doubts about something you’d like to create or experience, you would manifest it very quickly. Since most of us humanoids don’t always have that kind of laser-sharp focus, we need to learn to do it incrementally.

We all have examples in our lives where it’s been obvious that we’ve used mind power to create our experience. One that comes quickly to mind for me is: We have a dance group called “Dance Home” in the community where I live. Sometimes when I go, I feel vibrant, beautiful, and alive, and therefore, I am all of those things and have experiences there that reflect that.

Then there are other times I go to the same place when I’m having a low self esteem day. On those occasions I don’t like the music or the DJ, my favorite dance partners aren’t there, I feel unattractive… and guess what? All of those things are true for me at that time. The only difference between the two scenarios is what I believed about myself before I ever left home. In other words, I created what happened by the direction I chose to focus my mind power.

For me, working with (and not against) mind power is an ongoing discipline. I’m discovering that it vastly improves the quality of my life to practice being consciously connected to Source Energy by being aware of my feelings and the thoughts that create them. I’m committed to using the power of positive thinking, and training my focus to stay on thoughts that bring positive emotions.

We Already Deserve WellBeing

One of the most exciting realizations I’ve had is that the positive or negative circumstances of my life aren’t about worthiness. They are about attention. All of us already deserve love, joy, and exuberant wellbeing. Yup, that means all of us, no matter what we’ve ever done. But how much of that we experience is a direct result of how much we believe we have access to it.

The way that we increase the power of our belief in our access to wellbeing is by using our Emotional Feedback Guide to help us to choose thoughts that keep us in alignment with Source. The more we practice feeling wellbeing, the more it expands within us and consequently, the more we believe it.

The manifesting principle of the universe is neutral and doesn’t care about your “good” or “bad” deeds of the past. Source Energy neutrally fills whatever molds we create with our thoughts and attention.

I’ve found that even when I’ve been going through intense growth phases and it is very uncomfortable, when I use my mind power to keep my attention on Source, there is a knowingness that everything is okay, even though it doesn’t feel that way. When I remember to do that, I go through the growing process much quicker and easier.

The Power Of Focused Attention

Awhile back I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks CD about mind power. They said that if you hold a thought/feeling (whether positive or negative), after 17 seconds the energy expands to ten times the attraction power and that your manifesting power is equal to 2,000 action hours. Then after another 17 seconds, it multiplies 10 times again. That process continues on, always increasing to 10 times the power at each 17-second interval. Wow! That impressed me.

Excited about the power of positive thinking, I decided to test this out. I started with a thought that felt really good to me. It was a memory of a time when I had some bills paid far in advance of when they were due. So I focused on this thought and really indulged in all the good feelings I could get out of it. I didn’t time it (not wanting to divert my attention), but sure enough in a few seconds, another thought of an even more positive vibration came into my mind: I thought of how it would feel to have a whole month’s worth of bills paid a month ahead. Whew! That felt great. A big wave of relief and expansion flooded in.

I kept my attention on this stream of thinking and after a few more seconds this thought popped in: my bills were paid a month ahead and I had an extra cushion of “fun money” to spend. Yeehaw! Now I was rolling. I kept it up and then the next thought was: having all that, plus making a substantial payment on my credit card debt. On it went.

After about a half hour of that I felt high as a kite and I had a deep knowing that I was on track with reversing my financial situation. It was as if I had been driving with the brake on before and suddenly I was in high gear and flying along! I experienced life from an entirely different viewpoint and some very positive feelings about money were available to me, where they weren’t before that. Besides the excitement I felt grounded, like I was creating new ground underneath me.

Since then there has been much less struggle around money, I’ve been getting new clients without doing any additional advertising, and my bills are getting paid much more easily. That experience was a turning point for me. This mind power is something!

Okay, we’ve talked about the importance of using mind power to focus attention on positive thoughts for wellbeing and that beliefs can either expand or sabotage the positive experiences that we want. So how can we change the beliefs that have held us back?

How To Change Beliefs With Mind Power

1. Become Aware Of Them

If many of our limiting beliefs are unconscious, how on earth can we uncover them?

Look around at your life. Your day-to-day life is a graphic portrait of your beliefs. Your limiting beliefs will show up as your fears. Take a look at the following arenas of your life and as you focus on each of them, notice what feelings come up.

Self-Appreciation – How do you feel about yourself? Do you like who you are?

Relationships and Family – Do you enjoy your relationships? Are they deepening and fulfilling for you? Are you able to work through “stuff” as it comes up with those who are close to you?

Creativity, Dreams, Career and Aspirations – Is your heart fulfilled? Do you wake up in the morning excited about what you’re going to do that day? Are you sharing your unique gifts with the world?

Abundance and Money – Does money flow easily for you? Are you able to comfortably take care of yourself and those you love? Are you able to do the things your heart longs to do?

Did you notice any fears as you read through the list? If so, you’ve identified a limiting belief, or two or ten :-).

For example, as you put your attention on abundance and money, if you feel fear, look closer to see what the thought is that is connected to it. Sometimes the feelings come up so quickly we aren’t aware of the thought, but, trust me, it is there. If there is a feeling, there was a thought that it originated from, even if it flashed past so quickly you didn’t catch it the first time. Use your mind power to ferret it out. Questions can be used as probes. Simply go inside and ask: “What thought is at the source of this fear?” or “What is the belief that this fear comes from?”

This may take some practice but eventually, by inviting and intending clarity, your mind power will show you the thought/belief that is at the base of the fear.

2. Dismantle The Belief

Realize that you haven’t been the victim of some horrible truth that you don’t have control of. Instead, you have simply been terrorizing yourself with your own mind power! The thought form at the base of the big scary fear is actually only a wisp of energy! Without us feeding it with attention, it has no power at all.

Really take this to heart. This is an important step in un-powering and dismantling the belief. Again, these beliefs are really just thought forms. They are not reality and with some effort they can be changed.

3. What Do You Really Want?

Okay, you’ve identified where you are. You’ve gotten honest with yourself and uncovered a negative belief.

Now, you need to figure out where you want to go from here and use your mind power to chart your course. Ask yourself, “What do I want in this situation?”

Using the money example above, let’s say that the belief/thought you uncovered was: “I’ll never get ahead.” So, I will assume that what you do want in this situation is to not only “get ahead” but to prosper abundantly. Hey, why not!

4. Bridge The Gap

Usually, we can’t immediately make the leap from a strong negative emotion or belief to a positive one, but using mind power we can incrementally move toward it, and get there one realistic step at a time. We can alter our beliefs by applying new thoughts to the old beliefs until we mold them into that which we prefer. Then we practice the new viewpoint or belief.

If we stop feeding something, it dies. If you stop feeding attention, water and sunlight to your house plant, it will die. Likewise if we stop feeding a limiting belief with our attention and begin feeding a positive, expansive one, the old belief will die and the new one will take root and flourish.


So, back to our example. Now that you’ve clarified what you want, you just need to make a mental bridge from “I’ll never get ahead” to “I am abundantly prosperous.” You build that bridge one thought at a time, using the power of positive thinking. What is very important is that each thought that you choose for your thought-bridge is one that you absolutely believe to be true. If you don’t believe the thought, your Emotional Feedback Guide will give you negative feelings, probably fear, and your “bridge” will collapse.


Using your mind power, reach for a thought that you not only believe on the subject, but one that brings relief and positive feelings. It might be something like, “I’m excited about uncovering this belief that has been holding me back. Now I can do something about it.” Try that out and check in with your Emotional Feedback Guide to see if that piece of your “bridge” is going to hold or not. If it is too big a leap (which you can tell by negative emotions that attend it), then try out another one like, “I know it’s possible to be prosperous, because I see that others have prosperity.”

“The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Once you have your first thought that you believe on the subject that feels good, reach for another one that feels even better, like, “I’m happy that I’m learning these new principles because I sense they can change my life.” From there you might go to “What do I really love doing?” then, “How can I do more of that in my life right now? Okay, I can see the possibility that there is something I could do to create abundance in my life, doing something that I really love doing. I can feel my heart expanding just thinking about it. And I know that that is how I let in abundance, by keeping open to this positive energy as much as I can. Hey, this is starting to feel pretty exciting!”

As long as you keep following any trail of thought that occurs to you that brings a lighter, expanded feeling, with your mind power you will bridge your way to “I am abundantly prosperous,” or maybe “I can be abundantly prosperous doing what I love to do.” Just keep feeding this new bridge of thought whenever the subject comes up in your mind. It is also helpful to set aside reflection time to focus on this process for each belief you uncover.

You build the bridge to where you want to go simply by choosing the direction of your thoughts. There are only two directions for them to go: in a positive direction, which aligns you with your inherent wellbeing, or in a negative one, which blocks you from wellbeing. If you keep looking for and feeding the positive ones, your bridge builds itself!

5. Clear Out The Residue

All of our beliefs were originally set in motion because of things that have happened to us in the past. In conjunction with building a thought bridge to a positive belief, I highly recommend clearing out the energy of the old one, as well as whatever trauma that is related to it. This process is quite easy and is described here.

Preventive Maintenance

Using mind power to uncover and release old limiting beliefs is an ongoing process. For me it certainly is. Besides identifying and cleaning out the old stuff, it is also important to stop new negative beliefs from forming while they are still in the beginning thought stage. Use your Emotional Feedback Guide to notice whenever you begin to feel negative emotion. What I’ve noticed is that the more wellbeing that I experience, the more noticeable it is when I’m feeling “off.” The negativity stands out much more and I’m far less willing to stay stuck in it.

As you go about your day, catch yourself in the act. As soon as you feel negative emotion, stop yourself and use your mind power to trace back to the thought or belief that triggered the negative feeling. As you practice the steps above, they will become easier and more automatic.

Three Levels Of Creation

As stated before, the first stage of creation begins with our mind power, our thoughts. Then on a more energized level, we create with our words. The forming power of words is much greater than the forming power of just thoughts. Then, on the next level, we create with our actions, even more powerfully than with our words.

Therefore, it is really important to watch your feelings when you talk. I’ve caught myself saying seemingly harmless declarative statements to someone like, “Boy, it’s been tough lately!” or “What a klutz I am!” and I feel all the life force drain right out of me. I can feel the gateway to my wellbeing closing off. That’s a huge tip-off to not continue speaking in that direction of thought. I feel exactly the same debilitating feelings if I say something negative about someone else. This isn’t about being “good” or “bad.” This is about allowing or sabotaging our own precious wellbeing!

by Well Being Alignement

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