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Meeting, Greeting & Unleashing your Inner Child.. Be the Love you need!

Aug 23, 2021

Meeting, Greeting & Unleashing your Inner Child…. Be the love you need.

When I first became aware of our inner child (a term well known in psychology and the energetic healing space) I thought it was a load of gobbledygook; I dismissed it instantly and for years paid no heed…I never really understood the term “Self Love” either...

It is only when I became far more entrenched in both realms that I realised the significance and am now forever beseeching clients to become aware and mindful of their inner child. Since I was so clueless for such a long time I figured many others must be too… and when people come to me for guidance they are often already in a very stressed state ; it becomes harder to introduce new concepts when they just want quick fixes… with Inner child work its best to build one’s practise slowly with awareness.. So I decided to try and simplify things here...

So who is your Inner child really? As the name suggests it is the energetic part of you that really never grows up. The part that recoils in hurt when rejected… the part that is fearful when uncertain.. The part that forever seeks reassurance… which unless we are aware of it.. Is a long time coming…our inner child is quite timid and uncertain (which is only to be expected since we have ignored him/ her for such a long time..)

They can feel quite neglected and even angry at us.. For failing to pay attention for so very long. It takes a while to calm our inner child… but once we do manage that we start to see huge changes in our own energy and therefore in what we attract into our lives.

Till we do acknowledge our inner child.. We are forever roaming around with unmet needs .. feeling empty.. Feeling a void...We our conditioned in most societies to put others needs first and ignore our own...focussing/ prioritising our own needs is frowned upon so naturally all of this may come as a surprise.

So guess what happens? We start looking to others to fill this void … externally.. We look at them to fulfil our deepest needs.. Which of course they cannot because a) They have no idea what these are and how to go about fulfilling them and b) They have their own to fulfil. So we have a planet filled with folks desolate that their partners are not meeting their needs.. Yearning desperately to find someone who can… when the whole time… all they ever really needed was themselves!

If I had a penny for every woman (ranging from 25 to 60+) who wistfully declared.. “When do I meet my soulmate?” convinced that they are the answer to all lifes challenges…

Pinning so much hope on another is not only unrealistic… it is a recipe for disaster… men I know are equally caught up in this illusion of a perfect “wife” and this is also applicable for gender neutral and the LGBTQ community. Every one of us wants to be loved unconditionally , understood and accepted for who we truly are … what we don't realise is that .. Instead of seeking it outside of ourselves we need to look within. And this is step one on the long and fulfilling journey back to love.

So how do we do this? How do we connect with our inner child… and tend to their needs?
Guided meditation helps….there are tons of really great simple,free ones on Youtube (or you can connect with me to create a custom one for you).

The idea is to become aware of that little person inside you, who may have been ignored for a long time and may now not be very happy at all.. Till he/she has had a chance to express his/ her self and his/ her needs…

I recommend daily meditation and incorporating the practise of connecting with your Inner Child….. It's not complicated… just sit in silence or follow a guided meditation (for those who are not too familiar guided helps) and connect… you may start with 5 mins each day and build it up to around 15-20 mins. Just connect, speak to your inner child… ask how they are.. What they need… you will be amazed at how much clearer you become on multiple fronts..
How much more fulfilling and easy your life becomes when you realise that really you hold the key…

You don't need anyone else to set you free. I have multiple clients who will come to me time after time.. Stuck in their beliefs refusing to make changes… wanting someone else to fulfil their needs.. Adamant that if only so and so would change their ways and express love, appreciation and affection.. Their lives would be Happier and Complete! Little realising that until they are happy themselves they can't really make anyone else happy nor can they attract happiness into their lives.. Can you see the folly of this?

Its basic Law of Attraction 101 to attract good you need to feel good.. Don't rely on anyone else to bring that feeling into your life… Figure out what makes you feel good and set about bringing that into your life. Make THAT the habit.

With your newfound awareness you now know you have the keys to your own Happiness. Use them wisely.

So how will you make this work for you? What changes have happened in your life since you met and cuddled your Inner Child.. What did you give you more of ? Is there something you stopped doing because your Inner child asked you to? Reach out and let me know.


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