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Manifest Your Dreams with Power Healing Cards

Mar 29, 2018
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Learn to access your untapped potential and live the life of your dreams with inexpensive, attractive and fun cards

Have you come across one of those deck of cards that are beautifully illustrated with pictures of angels, animals, flowers or even mermaids? No, I’m not referring to trading cards or poker cards, but what I call power healing cards.

You probably have come across them in bookstores. They are those beautifully illustrated flash cards that come with meaning words or quotes on the other side.

Every card is created with a purpose, and that is to implant positive affirmations in our worries- and worst-case-scenarios-infested mind. The visual and the verse provide a focus point for you to use in meditation and visualization. By using these cards often, they can help you to reverse self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, access intuitive information deep within you, and enable you to gain better clarity on important life issues.

Uses of Power Healing Cards

There are many different types of power healing cards to meet any needs you may have. They are also versatile enough for a wide range of real-life applications. Here are some ways you can use them:

Manifest goals and attract abundance.

Cultivate positive qualities, such as compassion, loving kindness and resilience.

Break negative or limiting thought patterns, and replace them with positive ones.

Enhance skills and knowledge on specific subject matter, like yoga, reflexology and even sex!

Inspire and generate creative, fresh ideas.

Gain deeper understanding and insights on difficult life situations.

Improve self-esteem and gain greater confidence.

Speed up recovery from physical illness and improve outlook on disease and death.

Access your Higher Self and get in touch with your true nature.

How Power Healing Cards Work

Although it may sound incredulous to be able to achieve so many things with just a stack of cards, it is not hard to see why power healing cards work if you understand the mind-body connection.

Our body and mind are not two separate entities that work independently of each other.Our body and mind are not two separate entities that work independently of each other. When the mind is stressed, the body feels the stress too and will react accordingly by raising the blood pressure and quicken the heart beat. Likewise, when your body is wounded, the mind also feels the pain and will respond quickly to save you from further harm.

With power healing cards, the essences of powerful verses or quotes are captured using images and symbols of archetypes that speak directly to your unconscious mind.

By bypassing the conscious and often cluttered mind, they can help you to access hidden qualities within yourself as you meditate or simply rest your attention on the cards. These qualities in turn manifest in your reality as loosening grip of conditioned beliefs and thoughts that cause stagnation, improved outlook on life, better communication and relationships, and indirectly help you to achieve your dreams faster than before.

Furthermore, by depicting verses or quotes as both images and text, you are also activating both sides of the brain simultaneously when you hold a card’s content in your awareness, further accessing the dormant synergistic brain power that is inherent in you.

While the effect may not be as instantaneous as what you see in some movies, the seeds that you plant in your mind will surely take roots and blossom if you use the cards regularly and consistently in your daily life.

How to Make Full Use of Power Healing Cards

There are a number of ways you can incorporate power healing cards into your everyday life. I encourage you to try all the methods below whenever possible and see for yourself the amazing results you will get.

1. Meditation with Power Healing Cards

Before meditating, pull out one card from your favorite deck. Read the verse and observe the image on the card without further evaluation or thinking. Simply keep the content of the card in your mind and focus your consciousness on it during your meditation. Observe and note any thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories or ideas that arise from the mental image of this card. You can gain fresh insights into a particular issue, person or even yourself with this simple exercise.

2. Ask and You Shall Receive

Pose a question that you wish to unravel to the Universe, your favorite religious figure or any archetype that you can strongly relate to. Then randomly pick a card from the deck of your choice and read the message from the selected card aloud. Pause and listen quietly for the answer as it reverberates in your ears effortlessly.

3. Incubate Desired Traits

Select a card bearing the quality that you wish to possess more of. Carry the card with you as you go about your usual activities. Whip out the card out often within the day to reflect on and infuse yourself with the energy of the chosen quality. Some excellent opportune moments for reflection are times when you are taking a break, having a coffee, after a lunch, during your journey home and before falling asleep. As you put your attention on the quality throughout the day, it will incubate within your subconscious mind and spontaneously change your behavior when you least expected.

4. Boost Your Energy Level

It is perfectly normal for our energy level to fluctuate throughout the day. But there are certain times when you need that extra boost in energy, alertness or confidence to face an upcoming challenge. Rather than reaching for a cup of coffee or a can of red bull, try using power healing cards instead. Choose a card depicting a brilliant sun, a flaming sword, a King or a Queen, or one that incorporates the quality that you need, then close your eyes and do a brief meditation on the card for five to ten minutes. Hold the card’s images and words in your mind and let them energize you. Open your eyes when you are ready and bring the freshly acquired quality to your intended activities.

5. Help Someone in Need

One of the best ways to use power healing cards is to pass on their healing power. Do you know anyone who is feeling down and in need of some comforting words? Or a person who is lost in a sea of sudden changes and could do with some guidance? You don’t have to give a whole stack of cards. Just one or two selected cards that address the other person’s needs is enough to brighten up his or her day.

6. Brainstorm for Ideas

If you are stuck with a problem at work, pick a card arbitrarily and see how the chosen card sheds a different light on the situation. You can also apply this on a group setting. Ask each member of your team to pick a card and ask them to jot down any ideas that are triggered by the card they are holding. You will be surprised with the creative results you get from just a stack of cards. ;)

by Conscious Lice

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