Key points of Swedish Massage

Swedish massageis the most famous and widely practised type of therapeutic massage and is also known as circulatory or relaxation massage.
The main goal of Swedish Massage is the relaxation of the body and stress relief. However, there is a long list of benefits.
This type of massage mixes techniques as effleurage (long fluid), petrissage (kneading), friction and tapotement (percussion) strokes to sedate the nervous system and find the place of deep relaxation. The therapist will use the fingers, hands, fists, forearms and elbows and at the same time will vary the patient's muscle receptors. The therapist will also provide a mixture of feelings, which will affect the sensory receptors to sedate the nervous system and bring the body to a place just before falling asleep.
The objective of this massage therapy is movements going one after other covering back, glutes, legs, arms, hands, abdomen, face and feet.
The therapist will apply a variable pressure during the Swedish Massage which will depend on the client preference to get their alpha state of mind.
The pressure will not be light, nor so deep so it can keep you from relaxing. The Swedish Massage can be deep but never as a Deep Tissue due to its goal of bringing relaxation.
Receiving Swedish massage will help the body to heal itself because of the physical manipulation and stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The Swedish Massage will help to eliminate toxins in the body and to get a high level of relaxation, which makes your body to act as an open, receptive vessel in which healing can more rapidly occur.
Stress decrease
Back and neck pain relief
Improves sleep
Flexibility and range of motion improvement
Reduction of muscle spasms
Depression decrease
Studies have provided evidence that Swedish Massage may bring benefits for conditions such as symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, immune system issues, migraines and severe headaches, blood pressure, fibromyalgia, joint mobility, muscular tension as well as mental health benefits.
Monika Sliwinska
Massage Therapist in Bristol

Article byDemi Powell