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How to Stay Healthy and Joyful in 6 Steps

Dec 10, 2020
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We are all unique and spiritually gifted. We all have a special purpose on Earth. Only the everyday burdens keep us in a prison where we tend to limit ourselves. When we lose the connection with our higher self we just live from our ego which causing a lot of trouble including relationship issues, work-related problems. These all destroying our health. If we are not satisfied with our life we also hurt others with our behaviour and start to fight. If we are not fulfilled at work we start to make ourselves sick to be able to stay away, creating different illnesses.

The solutions are:

1. connect with your higher self

2. keep your chakras clean so the life energy can flow freely

3. find the things you are passionate about

4. change your life

5. love yourself

6. be an observer

1. The easiest way to connect with your higher self is through meditation. Meditation means different things to different people. Some people say they are in meditative state while they are jogging or painting or dancing. If you haven’t experienced it yet I would suggest to go for the traditional method and go for group meditation classes or have a private guided meditation or pick a meditation from Youtube, but be careful not to choose something special one just go for a relaxing one first. During the meditation, you might experience vibration, colours, warm or cold and calmness.

2. How to keep our chakras clean.

We have 7 chakras in our body and many more outside. But let’s focus on the ones which are inside. The most important chakras are the root chakra and the sacral chakra they are responsible for our relationships and abundance in life. So if they are blocked or any of the rest ones the life energy can’t flow through them and causing unhappy life in nearly all area. So how to keep them open and clean. The best option is to do clearing meditations or Reiki healing or using crystals etc. The meditation is the easiest option because you do not need too much experience for that, as a beginner you can request for guided meditation. For Reiki healing, you take the course which only a weekend or asks a Reiki healer for a cleaning session. With the crystals, you can place them on your chakras or you can ask a specialist for crystal healing.

Step 3. Find the things you are passionate about. How would you know you found it: - you would do it even for free - you can’t stop talking about it - you are looking for people who love the same things - you don’t even realise but you start to educate others about it and they seek your advice in this topic - you don’t mind what time is it you just can’t stop doing it until you drop dead

Do you see it now?

Next step: don’t underestimate what effect you can make in the world if you really take it seriously and live for it!!! This is what you came for to this Earth! So use it please to make a difference!

Step 4. Change your life! It doesn’t need to be overnight and can be only one thing at a day. If you do not change anything it won’t produce a different outcome. Just start a new habit: healthy eating, or sport, or add reading to your day, or start to meditate or evening walk. It has to be pleasurable nothing what you just do to have a better life but you also have to enjoy it. The daily pleasure brings positive vibes and attracts more positive things into your life.

Step 5. love yourself in any circumstances. Nobody is perfect but that how we complete each other. How you see yourself and show up that is how other people will see you too. Be confident and love yourself as you are. Then you can start to change things in your life to improve your health, your appearance and your circumstances. But always be grateful what you achieve step by step.

Step 6. Be an observer! When you observe someone that person change his way of being. By just observing someone you can change people’s behaviour. Even you add words to it that person can be a much different person. I give you an example: when you start to tell someone how great is he and how much you appreciate his work or his attitude in a certain situation he will be more confident next time and more bold to act which brings more success into his life….. and it goes on…… when you say to a woman how great she looks today and she is amazing person that person will start to feel that way more and more and act accordingly and find love and relationship easier. Please be there for each other and observe and support! You can change people and they can change the world! It already started but we need you too!

If you implement these steps into your life you will become that person you always wanted to be, real transformation will happen.

I wish you all the best!

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