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How to grow your Happiness
Jul 8, 2021

Happiness is not an arbitrary sate of being that magically floats on in. It needs to be trained. Which is awesome, simply because - can be trained!

**How to exercise your happiness: **


Avoid all negative language, phrases and words.

The Exercise:

Describe one good thing that happened today

And why it was good.

Super simple, that's it. This exercise is surprisingly tricky, because we have been hardwired for negativity as a species.

Our brain is trained to look for danger - because danger will kill us, our brain sees happiness is a luxury. This exercise is best done with someone else - so that hey can spot your brain's negative wiring from an outsider's perspective.

This exercise can stop the cortisol tap of stress from running your poor brain into burnout, but like herbs - it's how often, not how well you do this technique that makes it effective.

And that's amazing! Because it's minimal effort for a maximum effect! Each question only needs one sentence, context is not needed. In fact the more context the more likely a negative frame will slip in accidentally. One sentence answer for each question! If this exercise takes more than 5 mins you are taking too long!

Also work with the small stuff: how comfy your socks are, how nice your cup of tea was, how it's a nice sunny/or rainy day. The small stuff is easier to think of. We are just focusing on exercising happiness, not discovering your inner truths (yet!).


Describe one good thing that happened today

    My shoes are super comfy.

And why it was good.

    Wearing comfy shoes means I feel comfortable and I enjoy my walks. 

vs (example for negative wiring)

Describe one good thing that happened today

    My shoes are super comfy.

And why it was good.

    I usually wear uncomfortable shoes that hurt so my shoes today feel great.

Because: What you say you affirm!

By describing your happiness through a negative lens you are affirming negativity. With the above example of the 'shoes that hurt' your brain now focuses on how much your feet have hurt in the past. By simply ignoring or removing the negative and asking yourself what is left in the present and moving forward for your future.

By focusing only on the positive aspects your brain the creates a happy neurological soup of positivity - reinforcing that your value happiness and want to make it your priority!

*disclaimer. Yes! This can turn into toxic positivity. But here we are simply exercising your happiness a little bit - showing your brain that you value being happy.

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