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How To Empower Your Inner Child

Feb 15, 2021
Eileen Burns
Core Spirit member since Feb 10, 2021
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How To Empower Your Inner Child To Empower The Adult You

Learn why Inner Child Healing and Therapy help empowers the adult you. Why Inner Child work can help you let go of old wounding and trauma that are sabotaging your life. Learn why empowering the Inner Child can help you drop that old baggage like a deck of cards.

What Is Inner Child Therapy and Healing

Inner Child Therapy and/or Healing is a form of therapy or healing that helps you heal old trauma, old conditioning, sabotaging behavior patterns that were formed in childhood. Old wounding that is consciously and unconsciously impacting your life, your relationships, your career, health, and wellbeing.

I was first introduced to Inner Child Work in the early ‘90s while studying counseling and psychology. I went on to explore different aspects of Inner Child Therapy in psychotherapy and healing. And would further this gain alongside my fascination and study of Archetypes. Not just Archetypal Therapy but Archetypal Branding and Marketing. One of the reasons I use Inner Child Therapy and Archetypes not just for healing trauma and wounding but to help healers, coaches, and creatives in their spiritual business. Help Spiritual Entrepreneurs access more of their passion, power, and purpose by helping them identify and access their super powers. I do all of this using Metratronia Therapy and Spiritual Healing.

Why I Love Inner Child Healing

I love Inner Child Healing when it is done safely and effectively by someone who actually knows what they are doing. Because it is not just about accessing the Inner Child. It is healing old trauma, helping one with forgiveness and self-forgiveness, help one form new healthy beliefs and positive behaviour patterns. It helps you unlock more of your powerful gifts, your soul gifts, your passion and purpose in its purest form.

Childhood trauma for many reasons can shut down or dim down your unique gifts. Those gifts you are here to share with the world. Trauma, abuse, neglect, and distortion trigger self-sabotage, self-abuse, low self-esteem, low self-worth, apathy, and procrastination. All fear-based negative traits that trigger chronic anxiety and stress.

Inner Child Therapy moves one from disempowerment to empowerment, from lower-level vibrational functioning to higher vibe living. There is nothing more beautiful than helping someone heal and unlock more of their unique soul expression. Helping someone start to open up, shine and share their beautiful gifts. Live their life and soul purpose.

But like any form of therapy or healing that works with trauma and old wounding, there are safe steps and not so safe steps or processes. It is all about building connection and trust with the inner child in a safe therapeutic space. There are a variety of ways to do this but it should never be rushed and always done by someone who understands child trauma, understands the psyche. If not you can actually re-traumatize the client.

But there are a variety of safe ways you can start working on yourself. Ways you can start building a stronger connection with your inner child today.

Simple Ways To Connect With And Empower Your Inner Child

1. Meditate: The ability to meditate helps one detach from the monkey mind, those distorted thoughts that disconnects us from the self. Meditation helps you connect more with your heart, soul, and inner child. Begin by making meditation a daily practice, work on letting go of any expectations, use it to access the stillness within you. This will naturally help you find it easier to make a connection with your inner child.

2. Connect In With Your Inner Child: I would recommend that you connect in with your inner child every day at the end of your meditation. While your mind is more calm, less distracted, less anxious, and stressed. This is about helping your inner child that you are there for them, that you are honoring the inner child within. So it is important you approach your Inner Child from a calm, safe space.

3. Give Your Inner Child A Voice: The more time you spend on quietening the mind, the more you will be able to hear what your inner child is trying to say to you. As you let your Inner Child speak, listen clearly and unconditionally to what it wants to say to you, tell you. This helps empower your inner child to be able to speak her or his truth, to speak his or her needs.

4. Inner Child Play: Playtime for any child is important, do not undervalue the importance of play. When was the last time you did something childlike for fun? Think of some of the things you loved to do as a child. Start letting your inner child lead those fun activities instead of the adult you.

5. Encourage Creative Expression: Encourage yourself and your inner child to find different forms of creative expression. You can do this through art, journaling, writing, music, dance, designing… This is not about being good at something, this is about letting your creative expression, your creative energy flow. And about letting old trapped energy or expression be released. So many times in childhood we don’t get to express what we really wanted or needed to express what was coming through at that time. This can be deeply therapeutic. I know many of my students and clients find my Inner Child Fairytale Writing Self-Study Sessions very powerful. Because it is very much about fun, creative expression, and empowerment.

Why Connection And Trust Is Key In Inner Child Healing

When a child is wounded, traumatized, abused, neglected, not listened to or valued. They lose trust, they lose connection, they feel disempowered. That is why when building a connection with your inner child, you need patience. Your therapist needs to understand the most fundamental basics of Inner Child Therapy. And make sure you are in the right mental, emotional, and physical state to start healing the wounded child.

This is why I like bringing in different archetypes to support a client with their inner child. Archetypal healing and therapy can be very useful in helping bring in an archetype that will move the individual or child from victimhood to hero or warrior. From the innocent child to the magician, from orphan child to leader or ruler.

When you empower your inner child you empower the adult you. You are here with so many powerful and unique gifts to share, don’t let old conditioning or old trauma stop you from living the life you were born to live.

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