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Hands that Healed Me
Apr 15, 2023

Reading time 4 min.

The walls of the room where I am lying are lined with symbols I have never seen. They remind me of Egyptian hieroglyphics, but they are different, more like squiggles and zigzags.
I’m only here because I don’t know where else to turn for help. I don’t even know what is wrong with me. I just know I’m not happy. A friend recommended I see Jeanie, who is not only a Reiki Master; but a homeopathic doctor who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Midwest University. My friend told me Jeanie is a lightworker, and uses a form of energy healing similar to Reiki.
It sounded harmless, but now that I’m on a bed in her basement office, it’s a bit spooky.
Jeanie clicks on a CD, a mix of Gregorian chants and nature sounds which relaxes me a bit.
She tells me she’ll be working on my auric field that’s just above my physical body. She will stop if I am uncomfortable. She’ll be able to sense areas in my body where energy is stagnant. Stagnant energy causes disease. She will channel energy from the Divine to me and the infusion will heal my cells.
Jeanie places my right hand on my belly and tells me I can keep my eyes open or close them. I choose the former.
She wedges her left hand under my sacrum and with her right, makes loops in the air like she is writing an invisible message. I wonder if she is signing the same symbols that are plastered on the walls.
I’m seriously questioning my decision to trust this lady when she tells me that there are angels present and that I can pray while she works on me. I quickly take her up on that suggestion.
For several minutes her right hand hovers over my right hand that’s still on my stomach. Slowly the lightworker raises and lowers her hands several feet above me as if she were smoothing the air with a rolling pin.
She repeats this several times, rolls behind me and cups her hands around my head. I feel like I have static in my hair and I’m dizzy, but I don’t dare tell Jeanie. I don’t want her to stop. I want this to work.
She continues down the left side of my body. It must be fifteen minutes into the session. My head is spinning like it’s in a dryer. I focus on a long shadow on the ceiling in an attempt to make the spinning stop.
Jeanie asks if I’m okay. I’m tingling from my earlobes to my toes and I feel like my head is going to whirl right off of my shoulders, but I tell her I’m fine.
I close my eyes and press my head deep, trying to anchor it into the pillow beneath it.
Suddenly I hear angry voices above me. “You shouldn’t have come here!” I look up, but there’s no one there. Again I hear several voices talking over one another, “Shouldn’t have come! Told you — shouldn’t have come.” I scan the room, but the only person in the room besides me is Jeanie.
I succumb to the sensation of being sucked into a black hole.
The next thing I know, Jeanie’s patting my face with a cool cloth.
I push my elbows into the bed in an effort to sit up, but have no strength and collapse back onto the pillow.
Jeanie’s hand softens to my wrist that’s searching for leverage. “Easy, there. No rush.”
“I’m so weak,” I say.
Jeanie strokes my forehead. “I know, honey.”
I feel really stupid; tired and confused and stupid. Jeanie offers her arm so I grab hold and attempt to swing my legs off of the bed, but they barely budge.
With her free hand, Jeanie slides my legs till they dangle off the edge. With her assistance, I settle into a rocking chair.
“Do you remember anything?” Jeanie asks, her soft blue eyes practically propping me up from across her desk.
“My head spinning and growling voices. They didn’t want me here.”
“You were under attack from negative influences and had a seizure.”
She explained that several negative entities were attached to my auric field and had been influencing my moods and behaviors.
In the ensuing days Jeanie taught me that we each perceive the world in our own way and have the ability to change our perception. With Jeanie’s prompting, I began identifying life-enhancing circumstances and self-defeating ones. I began looking at myself as self-reliant and found joy in just being alive. I began to love myself.
I’ve been seeing Jeanie for five years now. I feel more balanced in mind, body and spirit after my monthly treatments with her.
Jeanie’s advice helped me to change my perception.
Would her advice alone have made such a profound impact on my life without the energy treatments? Perhaps the life-coaching component of Jeanie’s services would have helped, but I doubt I’d have made such a remarkable transformation. It would have been impossible to live an authentic and joyous life under the influence of dark forces.
All I know is that something real and substantial happened on Jeanie’s table the day I had that seizure — something that can’t be calibrated with a gadget of any sort — something I can’t explain adequately; yet, something so profound that the very nature of who I am believes that I was indeed healed by the hands of a lightworker, a healer with a heart who helped me to mend mine.

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