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Essential Oils: How To Use Them for Weight Loss

Mar 29, 2018
Guy Luna
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Ah, the ever-revolving door of weight loss. It can have you going in circles. You’ve tried all the fad diets that supposedly worked for other people, the German fat-burning tonic. You gave Yoga Burn a go and others… but you’re still carrying more weight than you’d like. Take heart, if losing weight were easy… everybody would be doing it.

While many articles follow the same pattern for weight loss (eat less-exercise more), this article takes a slightly different approach. While naturally, proper exercise and caloric intake are important, we’d like you to consider adding essential oils as part of your weight loss regimen.

When looking to take a healthier approach to life, many people are discovering the benefits essential oils afford them. Essential oils have demonstrated the ability to improve mood, relieve anxiety, boost ones metabolism and help balance out our hormones in addition to helping us lose weight.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t.​

Note: We use the term carrier oil in this article. A carrier oil is simply any oil used to help diffuse the potency of the pure Essential Oils and help distribute them better.

Recipes for Using Essential Oils for Weight Loss

We have compiled a few Essential Oil recipes for you that are easy to put together and designed to improve your health and overall state of well-being while helping you lose a little weight.

After you’ve tried one or two of them, feel free to make modifications using your own combinations of favorite oils. By creating your own special elixir, the final product becomes something personal that you will enjoy incorporating into your every day activities.

Citrus Fat-Melting Essential Massage Oil

Here’s what you need to get started.

  • Lemon essential oil

  • Grapefruit essential oil

  • Bergamot essential oil

  • A carrier oil (sweet almond oil or coconut oil)

  • One clear glass bottle (larger than the oil bottles)

  • One medicine dropper (like an eye-dropper) with a measurement guide on the side

By following this simple recipe you are on your way to creating an essential oil collective that will help you lose weight while enjoying some sweet and relaxing fragrances.

Steps to Follow:

Step One: Lemon Essential Oil

Using the medicine dropper, extract ten (10) drops of and place them into the glass mixing bottle.

Step Two: Grapefruit Essential Oil

Take ten (10) drops of from its bottle and place them into the glass bottle containing the Lemon EO. Grapefruit makes a remarkable essential oil for weight loss. Studies prove in addition to helping alleviate water retention, grapefruit melts away fat.

The fundamental compound found in grapefruit (limonene) has proven to strengthen the immune system and dissolve fat as well as enhance lypolysis, a process whereby stored fat is released into the bloodstream where it can then be broken down by the liver and kidneys and used as energy.

A study headed up by Doctor Fujioka of the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at the prestigious Scripps Clinic confirmed that the data proved grapefruit was a viable weight loss aid. Grapefruit is also a natural appetite suppressant.

Step Three: Bergamot Essential Oil

Next, extract five (5) drops of Bergamot essential oil and drop them into your recipe bottle.

Step Four: Carrier Oil

Take about two (2) ounces of your favorite carrier oil (like coconut) and add it to the bottle containing the other oils. has a low-heat threshold so heat it for only a few moments in the microwave. Doing this will liquefy the oil making it suitable for blending.

Step Five: Mixing the Oils

Stir the mixture containing all your oils by shaking the bottle well for thirty (30) seconds to ensure all the oils are thoroughly blended. Always shake the bottle just before using.

Step Six: Applying the Oil

When ready, use a cotton ball, washcloth, or other soft material to pour a small amount of the oil mixture onto. Apply the essential oil directly to the areas of your body that contain cellulite or stored fat and gently rub for up to 30 minutes.

Applying it twice a day is all you need to do. In conjunction with the compounds of the essential oils, massaging the fat cells helps to break them down. If you can get a friend to massage the oils into your skin, even better.

Each time you use the mixture, it works to help reduce the amount of fatty toxins inside your body. It also begins to smooth out unsightly cellulite.​

Appetite Suppressant Inhaler

For this recipe you will need the following items.

  • Peppermint essential oil

  • Lemon essential oil

  • Grapefruit essential oil

  • One clear glass bottle larger that the others for mixing

  • One medicine-type dropper with a measurement guide on the side

Steps to Follow:

Step One: Peppermint Oil

Using the medicine dropper, remove twenty (20) drops of from the main bottle and put them into the clear glass bottle​​.

Step Two: Lemon Oil

Next, take twenty (20) drops of and place them inside your mixing bottle.

Step Three: Mixing the Oils

Shake the mixture for thirty seconds or so to mix the oils thoroughly.

Step Four: Using the Mixture

When it’s time to eat, simply take out your blend of essential oils and slowly inhale the mixture taking deep breaths through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. A few of these deep inhalations and you are ready to enjoy your meal.

Inhaling the essential oil mixture before eating works to suppress your appetite. As a result, you will eat less. Less food, less weight.

Step Five: Storing the Mixture

Store it in a cool, dry place.

Important Note: Whichever Essential oils you choose to use, make sure they are of high quality. Keep in mind that you’re breathing this oil vapor into your lungs or otherwise ingesting it, so quality is paramount to achieving the desired result and improving ones health.

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It is very good that you reminded about this useful property. I know from my own experience that this is true. I needed to lose weight before the summer season, so I used lemon and grapefruit (I love citrus fruits) essential oils in salads or other dishes where they would be combined. Within two months I managed to lose 6 kilograms.