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Embracing Change
Apr 21, 2021

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Dear Ones,

Spring is such a powerful force! It awakens all living beings to the new cycle of life. And that includes us human beings :-) It moves us on all levels and anything which is not in an alignment with this new life - with our inner truth, with love and the natural movement forward becomes more apparent than at other times. It seems that nothing and no one can escape this bright light of the spring, nothing stays hidden in a shadow any more.

There is wisdom in the spring too. As for life to continue in the right direction we need to see clearly first. And this time the contrast might be even stronger as we didn’t retreat just for a winter season but a whole year. The chances are we’ve changed more than in previous years and this inner change will be naturally reflecting into all areas of our lives now.

To move forward in the right direction we only need to listen to our inner wisdom which speaks to us accurately through intuition, gut feelings and instincts. Especially when we are peaceful and calm we can trust the inner guidance we are receiving. This infinite intelligence available to all of us doesn’t come from the mind, which is often trapped in pros and cons, plus and minus, trying to control the external world and is often governed by fear. It might be helpful to collect more information first, a job the mind can do brilliantly and also perhaps talk to trusted people who genuinely care for our well being, but the final decisions must always come from the deepest heart, the place which knows without knowing why. The inner compass always pointing to our true north can’t be replaced by anything or anyone external and it’s good to learn to trust it.

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