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Creating a Sacred Space For Your Tarot Readings

Nov 13, 2021
Nichole Edmond
Core Spirit member since Mar 25, 2021
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How To Create a Sacred Space For Your Tarot Reading

Whether you are a seasoned tarot reader, or you are thinking about scheduling your very 1st private tarot reading - consider creating a sacred space for your tarot readings.


By creating a sacred space for your tarot reading, you assist energy to flow freely and easily - promoting a deeper connection with the cards & setting the stage to gain the most insight a tarot reading has to offer!


Consider these [ 4 ] key elements

  1. Physical Space
  2. Emotional Space
  3. Spiritual Space
  4. Mental Space
A Sacred Physical Space
The sacred physical space represents the tangible world around all us: the setting, the room, seating arrangments, the tarot cards, where the cards are laid, etc. A sacred physical space is one that radiates positive energy.
  • Create a space that's private & safe

Tarot Readers should spend time considering the location of their readings & choose an area that will be free of outside distractions and/or interupptions.

Querents, or individuals seeking guidance from the tarot, should also consider their location at the time of your reading. Would you prefer a virtual reading in the comfort of your own sacred space? Or would you feel more comfortable outside of your home, such as a face-to-face tarot reading?


Consider doing/having a tarot reading outdoors in nature.

  • Decorate your space

Add candles, crystals, beautiful fabrics, photos, spiritual or religious relics - anything that makes your heart smile should absolutly be a part of the decor in your sacred physical space.

  • Clean & Declutter

A chaotic external environment can promote a chaotic internal environment - keeping your space clear of clutter also alows energy to flow freely & easily into your space. A clean sacred physical space also can help move out old, stagnant, low vibrational energy.

A Sacred Emotional Space
A sacred emotional space is one where the reader and querent are free of any negative thoughts, and/or emotional 'baggage' that may have piled up throughout the day.
  • Just breathe

Become present by being aware of your breathe. The practice of breathework has many positive effects on a persons emotional state and is an amazing way to connect a reader, querent, and the cards.

  • Expectations

Discussing expectations prior to a tarot reading can help the reader best assess their knowledge, skill set & ability to provide a querent with the guidance, clarity, or advice they are seeking. Querents should be clear & concise with your reader about the information you expect to gain from a tarot reading - this will also provide the space for a reader to address any possible unrealistic expectations, which will benefit querents in the long run by preventing any misunderstandings.


READERS - Consider creating a infograph or document to provide clients with before their scheduled reading on how to prepare for a tarot reading (check out my article on How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading for more on this).
QUERENTS - Consider creating a list of questions for your reader before your tarot reading. Definatley create a list before your appointment of questions or areas you'd like to focus on during your reading.

  • Rapport & trust is imperative

Begin building rapport with your querent or reader as soon as possible! This is easily done by reaching out via email or a brief text. Start by introducing yourself, have a form or questionaire to break the ice, ask the querent if they have ever had a tarot reading before, readers can explain their reading style, or simply ask if your reader or querent has any questions they'd like to ask you. A little communication can go a long way in establishing trust.


Read my article 'How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading' for more ideas on building rapport & trust.

A Sacred Spiritual Space
A sacred spiritual space brings a special energy to tarot readings & will help you connect to your intuition during a reading.
  • Create an alter

Just as you set up your sacred physical space with all the things that make your heart sing, a alter is an amazing way to create a sacred spiritual space. Set up a small table, nook, area in your home that has all of your spiritually significant items eaily and readily available to you.

  • Clear mind

Abstain from caffine, alcohol, drugs, or any mind altering substance 24 hours prior to your tarot reading. Having a clear mind will greatly benefit your tarot reading experience.

AKA Chakras - to connect deeply with your highest spiritual self. Spend time before a reading in meditation, doing stretches or go for a brisk walk. An energetic body in motion, stays in motion - an energetic body at rest .. stays at rest.


Spend 15-30 minutes before your tarot reading focusing on the energy moving through your body - start at your finger tips and work your way down to your toes; visualize the energy coursing through your physical body (pay attention to any areas that are difficult to sense the pulsing energy - this can indicate a blockage).

A Sacred Mental Space
Creating a sacred mental space is one where you are a clear & focused mind, temporarily letting go of any extenuating situations occupying your mind: shopping lists, carpooling, the rude conversation - leave all of that ... out of your reading.
  • Meditate

I know. I know. Meditating isnt for everyone, right? Wrong. There are many types of meditation and various physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of meditation. Do some research, try different methods, and apply the technique that resonates with you.

  • Intentions

Spend time to contemplate what are your intentions either giving or recieving a tarot reading. Intentions should be clear and defined before the start of your tarot reading. Once you’re established in a state of restful awareness, release your intentions and desires. The best time to plant your intentions is during the period after meditation, while your awareness remains centered and before the day of your tarot reading.

  • Just breathe ... again

Take a few moments to focus on how your breathe feels as it enters your body, as well as how it feels on exhalation. Use deep, controlled, breathes, that feel comfortable (breathework should never be uncomfortable).


Consider begining and ending your tarot readings with a guided breathing exercise together! Simply aligning our breathe can increase the connevtion between a tarot reader & querent. Try starting together with a [ 4 ] second inhale, a [ 4 ] second hold/pause, and a slow controlled [ 6 ] second exhale. Adjust times as needed.

XOXO - Nichole

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