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Create & live a fulfilled life: a balance between your spirit, physical & soul persons

Mar 9, 2023

Let us desire tocreate & live a fulfilled life. A healthy balance between the interests of the spirit, the physical & the soul persons is one of the key ingredients of creating & living a fulfilled life.

I know that I am about to speak to someone because when the soul speaks there is always an audience that needs to hear from the soul. This message dealt with me already and you are the next person to receive.

During one of my preparations for my monthly social and professional goals, my soul said to me “Terry you know my purpose but you are not fully allowing me to do what I am meant to do”. I immediately knew and understood the message because it was the truth.

In this article I am unpacking the discussion with my soul and what followed thereafter with the hope of helping you create the balance. After such an honest and much needed dialogue between my physical, spirit and soul persons, I made a decision to allow my soul to manifest her purpose fully without any delay. I sealed my decision with a set of affirmations. This was the beginning of a beautiful and enlightening journey between my soul, spirit and the physical persons.

As soon as I said yes, I felt a veil of imbalance being torn. I saw the beginning of a balanced life in a way that I never did before.

The meaning of a balanced life

One of the key ingredients of living a fulfilled life is creating a healthy balance between our personal, social and professional goals. This is possible when we have identified the purposes of the spirit, physical and soul persons and created a balance between the three persons. A balanced life is one that recognises and honour the role of the three persons. We are on our way to creating & living a fulfilled life when we yearn to create a working collaboration between the three persons. An individual with a balanced life has the power to contribute towards a healthy society.

Why is it difficult to create a healthy balance between the personal, family interests & the soul's interests?

The concept "finding a balance between the purpose of the soul, the spirit and physical persons" sounds like an easy and doable task. The truth is, it is more easier said than done, even for those who have found their soul’s purposes.

As I discuss in my forthcoming book Principles & Tools of Creation, the physical and spirit persons are more family oriented and also focused on the personal interests. On the other hand, the soul is interested in contributing towards a healthy community or society.

Our challenge is that, we have become entangled in the personal interests that favour and feed the spirit and physical persons. Our need for survival and maintaining our lifestyle has become the main priority, understandably so. Unfortunately, the Soul person is neglected and therefore the society is not well, because the souls who are the healers of the land are neglected by their co-creators (the physical and spirit persons). The land is traumatised and wounded. This unfortunately continues from one generation to the next.

As part of my calling, I receive revelations, wisdom & knowledge through my thoughts, almost on daily basis when I show up in my sanctuary. Some of the revelations, knowledge & wisdom that I receive must be shared as soon as I receive them. If I do decide to share them, I must also do so without holding back.

I made a decision, a while ago to manifest my calling through my company Life with Terry. Consequently, instead of sharing those revelations, I developed a practice of writing down and archiving the revelations. These habits were influenced mostly by my dominant attributes of overanalysing, overthinking, perfectionism and strong desire to align every knowledge that I received with the objective of Life with Terry. The need to align my soul’s purpose with Life with Terry was also influenced by the desire to monetize and fulfil my personal goals.

While there are revelations that require analysis, some of them don't. Some revelations are prophetic, angelic and urgent and therefore must be shared without delay, because the delay may render them irrelevant. Also, some of the revelations gets lost in the process of wanting to align the business model with the soul. There are many people waiting to be healed through my soul and delaying will do more harm.

My soul's desire to be the healer, the restorer, the comforter, the deliver, the enlightener, and the teacher exists now and does not wait for a business model to be perfected, tested and amended. The soul does not function according to the business world that has become self centered.

Prioritising the business and the business model of Life with Terry caused my soul to take a back seat. Unfortunately prioritising the personal interests with focus on financial gain does not guarantee a stress free life. In fact it consumes us to a point where we fail to achieve some of our most important personal and social goals that are essential for a healthy society. We become more and more emptier as the bank balance gets more and more fuller.

We have become successful at the expense of the ultimate truth- equality, love, peace, health, relaxation, justice, balance, abundance, freedom, tolerance, empathy, light, positive energy and so forth. While businesses are succeeding, the society on the other hand has become more and more unwell. When there is a balance, none of the three persons is taking more priority than the others. It's a win win.

A business model requires a well structured plan, with business processes, milestones, timelines and deadlines. A business model is also revenue based, because the spirit and physical persons must achieve their life goals using money. Whether we like it or not financial wellness is a must for achieving personal and social goals. However, we can achieve financial wellness without destroying the soul's purpose. The soul desires to heal, to fix, to enlighten, to awaken, to restore without any delays or any financial gain.

The challenge for me was the need to insert every revelation, wisdom and knowledge that came through my soul, into the business model or into my personal interests. The soul had to wait for the personal interests to manifest. Unfortunately the manifestation of personal interests take long. Not only does the soul have to wait for the personal interests, it has to compete with the business energy that can grow into a monster that eventually gains the power to control the physical and spirit persons.

The other challenge is that, by focusing on the business interests, I also created a limiting belief system. I believed that the only way my calling can generate income to support me and my family was through a specific business model incorporated in Life with Terry. As I discuss in Principles & Tools of Creation, a limiting belief system has a negative impact on my power to attract abundance from the unlimited universe.

As if the above challenges were not enough, I also had to deal with the need to prove that my business has something special to offer. I had to work so hard to stand out in order to attract clients to my business. The business needed to prove itself and to be validated.

The soul on the other hand, couldn't be bothered to prove to anyone that she has something special to offer. She does not require any packaging. Her essence is what matters. Business regulations and rules repels her. She does not need any validation. She does not need to force anyone to come to her for her to heal them. She knows she is a healer and therefore anyone who needs healing must just believe and come to her without her proving herself and going through so much commotion.

Signs that I was letting go and allowing my soul to thrive

When I accepted and made peace with the true and unselfish nature of my soul, I allowed my spirit and physical persons to avail themselves outside the scope of the business model or personal interests. This made it easy for me to be flexible and go with the flow.

The mere act of accepting my soul’s way of doing things and the need to balance my three persons made it easy for me to let go of my attributes of overthinking, overcomplicating, overanalysing, perfectionism, overplanning, and over-archiving the many teachings and revelations that I received. I embraced the importance of acting with urgency and availing myself for the call.

I learned that while a business model is essential for business success, it must not be implemented at the expense of fulfilling our highest purpose that is beyond personal interests. In my case, while the business model will continue to exist, it will not do so at the expense of my soul who is also an integral part of Life with Terry.

I knew that my soul was receiving attention when she started revealing her attributes to me. I knew she was getting attention when she poured out her wisdom to create the balance that speaks to the ultimate truth.

Fortunately, allowing my soul to thrive, cleansed me of the limiting belief system. I was no longer over burdened with the need to focus on one channel. In fact I also received wisdom that helped to amend the business model in a way that embraced my ultimate truth. I discuss in details the concept and examples of limiting belief systems in Principles & Tools of Creation, for those who desire to learn more.

The cleansing of the limiting belief system created in me a clear identity of my energy that is now supercharged & recognised by the universe within the law of attraction.

May we learn, and have the strength to let go of the human made systems that forces us to miss and manifest the soul’s purpose. When we do that, things will fall into place. We will find our home, peace and wholeness and the much needed fulfilled life.

While the business model will continue to exist, it will not do so at the expense of my soul who is also an integral part of Life with Terry and the most important building block of a healthy society.

Does this message speak to you? Have you been neglecting your soul? Have you elevated or silenced your highest purpose of the three persons? It is highest purpose not because it is above the purposes of the physical & spirit persons. I call it the highest purpose because when manifested, the soul person heals and grounds the other two persons. The soul makes it easy for the two persons to manifest and enjoy the attributes of the ultimate truth. Through the soul, the community receives healing and is led into the power of oneness and connectedness. What could be higher than this?

Self discovery

What are you personal and social goals that are taking over and silencing your soul’s goals? Have you discovered your spirit, physical and soul persons? I recommend that you embark on a Self discovery journey that will reveal your spirit, physical and soul persons, their attributes, their purposes and their collaboration.

As soon as you allow your soul to manifest, things will fall into place. Your business models & personal interests will model themselves around the soul's purpose. We all need that much needed balance between our personal desires that are self and family centered vs the soul's purpose to serve and heal the community.

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