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Teresiah Malatji

I am a Life Coach, Author and Educator of Principles and Tools of Creation and founder of Life with Terry. One of my passions and life purpose is to help people create and live fulfilling lives by guiding them to develop and implement wellness strategy, e…
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Expert in the fields:Spiritual Healing/Personal Development Coaching/Spiritual Coaching/Ancestral Healing/World Religions
6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2023
Pretoria, South Africa
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Create & Live A fulfilling life

What is a fulfilling life?

A fulfilling life is a life that makes us feel happy, satisfied, comfortable and content. Beyond happiness, a fulfilling life is a life worth living. It is an exciting life full of purpose that we cannot wait to fulfil on daily… continue


Hello everyone.

I am new on the platform. I am a Life Coach, Spiritual teacher and author of Principles & Tools of Creation (to be published before end of March 2023). I look forward to sharing more of my articles on this platform.

My highest purpose is to help people create & live fulfilled lives by guiding them to embark on a journey of Self discovery, Self development, Spiritual growth and Self healing.

I am looking forward to creating meaningful professional connections on this platform. Please check some of my articles @:




New article Create & live a fulfilled life: a balance between your spirit, physical & soul persons already available! Read it now