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Signs from Heaven

Apr 15, 2023
Reading time 3 min.

The sound of Heaven may be just a whisper away, but how do you know your angels and guides are near if you don’t see or hear them like you do a human or your trusty smartphone app? Same way you know the sun helped the lilac bush to bloom — you see it blooming and know that if you place the flowering shrub in the shade, it would shrivel and decay.

How do you know the plant would die? Most likely you learned how to grow plants by watching your elders do it, by reading tips, or by simply doing it yourself through trial and error. Similarly, we can learn to connect with our guides by practicing the most common suggestion from those most experienced — meditate or pray. There are many ways to accomplish this, but basically this means clearing your mind for a period and remaining open to receive the ideas and images that come.

Some see angels as a physical manifestation, but some do not. Seeing angels doesn’t require outer vision, but inner vision. Angels and other guides such as deceased loved ones or Saints, (I use these interchangeably) often speak to us in ways you may not recognize until you confirm the information received as correct, or until the pattern repeats often enough that you know it’s not just coincidence — until you trust you are truly being led from a being that exists at a higher vibration.

The signs could be physical — flashes of light, tingles on skin, goosebumps, chills or ringing in ears. You may get meaningful reminders like a cartoon you liked as a child plays on tv when you are particularly upset and needed to be reminded to lighten up and have fun. Maybe you feel someone you just met is dangerous even when the person is seemingly friendly and harmless and days later find out he or she attacked someone, or you get a gut feeling that you need to take a different path home and find out there was a wreck on your normal route. This is your Guides’ way of getting your attention.

When your angel is in action, you may feel suddenly peaceful when you have every reason to be agitated. Perhaps you notice the same symbol appearing in your path like you find a white feather or and antique key various places for several days in a row, or you keep meeting people with the same name, or seeing the same number pattern. Possibly you hear a word you haven’t heard in years, but you hear it numerous times over a few days and not like the word, “hurricane” on the news because there’ve been numerous storms. The word will be unusual and particularly meaningful to you. It’s up to you to determine why. Stay alert to these occurrences as more will be made known to you.

Listening to your Guides can help you make choices that are in your best interest and provide creative options to what seems like a no-win situation.
Your Guides are like eagles who see options you don’t. Eagles see past the ridgetop mountains that lie past the grove where humans, like squirrels dart from one tree — from one possibility — to the next, not even once considering there is not only an entire forest just beyond, but forests as far as the horizon extends.
When we trust the knowing that we get intuitively, the flow of information is readily available, and we will experience effortless knowing, but when we doubt the hits we get, we block the channel of divine knowledge like a metal building blocks a radio signal.

Guides speak audibly and appear solid too, but no worries if you don’t “hear,” or “see,” the same way someone else does. Each of us do that differently just like we each plant our favorite flower where we believe it will grow best. This requires some knowledge and an ample amount of faith, but so does starting your car and boarding an airplane. Trusting your ability to tune into guidance is no different — just lean back, feel the angels wings beneath you and listen as your guides speak through your open heart. The ride is enjoyable when you trust the guide.

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