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Chapter 6: It Is Easy To Think We Are At The Top Of The World When We Are Seeing It Upside-Down.
Feb 13, 2022

Andalasia Anon
Core Spirit member since Oct 28, 2021
Reading time 8 min.

Do not mistook what I have said in the last chapter to be that I do not respect any purpose of religion and spiritual practices. Because I do. Just not in the ways we were taught to practice or believe it to be. I do not believe our “God” is so unfair and unjust to the intangible position that life forces us into, as it is taught to us by some of those practices. Some of us are being test harsher than others because some of us have advanced to a grade that our creator believe we can handle it.

We are individually tested based upon the customize lessons we are taught; and the level of achievement we have completed. It is up to us if we want to reach the next level up. Our creator will test us, but whether we pass, or fail is up to us.

It is our responsibility to observe and questions what is being taught to us. Our responsibilities to take note, our responsibilities to take what we know, and use it to answers the questions on the exam when it is time. It is our choice if we want to exert the effort into learning what we are here to learn. Questions on the final exam is not ours to decide, but we do have a choice in how we want to answer it. Our choice in answers defines who we are. The choice we have made defines who we are to other people, to this higher entity, and most importantly—to ourselves.

We are given conscious, conscience, intelligent, and the ability to think and make decisions. To maximize those abilities; we are tested to see if we can exercise our use of it responsibly—to show that we understand its privileges. Thus, the consequences of the actions we choose to make are often obvious. But we choose to ignore all the signs because we believe we have time to indulge in the temptations. We believe our time now does not matter. We have till “Judgement Day,” to change our ways and make up for all that we choose to do now. So, why care now about the consequences to a distance future, right?

For all those who want to wait. Let me be blunt: Do not wait for “Judgment Day”. Do not wait to justify yourself before "God." There will be no “Judgment Day” and no "God" awaiting to meet you. In actuality, most of us will die long before this mythical so called “Judgment Day” comes along. “Judgment Day” is just an excuse to hold onto our illusions, so we can continue to procrastinate the acceptance of the natural truth. Because some of us cannot yet handle the truth.

Also, it is just humanity masked excuse to shift and outsource the blame and responsibilities onto “God” for our own self-destructive tenancy. It is easier to believe that “God” is indiscriminative to our individual deeds; and empowering to think that we are all going to go down together as a group and not alone. So, why worry about the consequences of our actions now, when we are all destined to go together anyway right? This rationalization gives those who wishes to indulge in temptations—an excuse to continue to indulge and not fear the consequences. Because it is easier for them to live under the illusion that “God” is someone as mindless and irresponsible as themselves.

It makes us feel better to believe that one day “God” will destroy us all for the sins we have all committed. When in actuality; the greatest sins are committed by a small minor delusional few who choose to believe so. Because it helps them continue to live the life they desire at all costs and expenses to others. It is easy for some of us to believe in this “truth” than accept the fact that some of us are just life’s junkies.

Weak, lazy, or too cowardly to face reality as it is meant to be. Addicted to pain and suffering, and the extremes. When we do not suffer, we will find a way to suffer. Why? Because we become bored or unchallenged by our privileged situation or position in the world. So, we find extremes to experience to get simulated. In a realm where we can choose to bypass and be selective of “truths”. Or even how we “see” and absorb things. It is easy to think we are at the top of the world when we are seeing it upside-down.

Side note: Without mindful disciplines, moderation, and harmony—Everything in this world can be “bad” for us even if it is made to be “good”. The “problem” is never in the element itself. The substance is what is. It is what it is. A compound and element of this world, like water or air. We cannot blame what is natural for the choice we make. A marijuana plant such as the Hemp, is created by the source as an element of this world. It does not ask to be turned into a substance people choose to indulge in. So, the choice we make are our responsibilities—alone, when it comes to how we choose to use and abuse the things given us.

For example: Excessive drinking or substance abuse. I am not talking about responsible social drinkers. For whatever reasons we may choose to do so, whether it is: to “drown in our sorrow”, to get away from reality for a moment or let go, relax, and have fun. We drink to give ourselves a pre-excuse to justify the result of our later actions. Because the concept that drunk people lose their inhabitation and do things that they normally would not have done is “accepted”. Written off as “‘natural’ human behavior due to its long history of going unaddressed.

Therefore, it is now something the majority just accept and ignore. However, just because we choose to accept and ignore, and give a choice the title “natural” does not mean it is. Some people started this habit, and some people choose to ignore and accept it—Thus, made it into a persistence “not to address” does not make it “natural” human nature. It is not “natural” to choose to pick up a drink, it is not “natural” to decide to drink until we do not know how to control ourselves. I do not believe “natural” is defined as a choice we have.

Thus, when some of us knowingly choose to get ourselves intoxicate to be “free” to act the way we desire. Because we know we have an “acceptable” excuse later to justify why we do not have to face the full repercussions. Due to this convenience acknowledgment and “approval” of the behavior or action by our peers. We minimize its potential consequences, outsource our liabilities, and ignore our individual responsibilities to continue to habituality indulge in our chosen “bad” decisions that result from that choice.

Out of the 10 times we choose to drink and get behind a wheel or put ourselves into a dangerous situation—It only takes one time for us to ruin the lives of someone else’s whole family and our own. We might survive to live in regret to pay for our choice. But what about all those lives that we took or is affected by the ones we took?

To be human, to be able to go through our trials—Ego is an essential necessary trait that is natural to our specie basic fundamentals. Without it we cannot achieve all that we have achieved or will achieve. But with too much of it, it could cause the reverse effect. For example, like the color wheel: We have primary colors, secondary colors and all the ones in between. Too much or too little of the primary colors can change the shade of all colors on the color wheel that needs that primary to exist. Thus, without the right balance we would not be able to achieve the exact color we need or want.

The basics of basics human nature, our natural born traits are like those primary colors. We can keep adding to the pool of color, but we must be discipline in the method and process. We must learn to harmonize it. Because one mistake can result in an irreversible change that can then affect the rest of the color wheel. Hence, just because we are confidence now that we got away with our choices 10 times, does not make us invincible to life’s other affecting factors. In a second in the life of us, anything can happen that makes yesterday’s records a mute-point.

No one, in their right minds, choose to get into an “accident”. The word for intentions to do so is called a “crime”. Hence, every time you choose to drink or get high on substance and chooses to intentionally get into a car and drive—resulting in a car “accident” and killed someone. It is a “crime”. A crime you have gotten away with for the past 10 times, does not mean the one time you got caught—Is the only time you have committed this crime.

The higher crime we have committed, might not be obviously apparent like its physical’s side in this example. But does not mean it is not there. Also, we can justify it however we want to believe it to make ourselves feel better about our initial choices. But the result of the one time is all that really matter at the end. Know, the physical result and physical repercussions are just one part of the price we will pay for that crime we choose to commit. Remember we are dimensional beings. Therefore, we will face dimensional consequences for the choice we choose to make in life as well.

Regrets does not end with death. The “equivalent” repercussion for the choices we choose to make in life when committing a crime in the higher eternal court. Does not end with death either—it only gets apparent.

Also, to all those suffering and thinking the only way to help themselves is to turn to toxics substances to “drown their sorrows” in. Let me be blunt: that is an easier excuse you choose to use to bypass your lessons and it is not good enough! There are lots more productive and alternatives ways to escape or “vacations” from your situations that will cost you absolutely nothing. Examples: meditation, daydream, learn a new skill, create something, self-reflects, go for a walk, grow something, help pick up trash, contribute, or help someone else with their problems to get your mind off yours—be productive…etc.

As I have said, I am not arrogant and not using my “superior” position as an “ignorant” to real pain to make my suggestions—to judge you. Or trying to be cruel with my bluntness. Since I came into this realm, I know more pain than some of you will ever experience your entire life. Though might be less than some; but more than enough to know there are better ways to deal with it.

Believe me, for someone who is a fighter and survivor like myself. It takes a lot to break me, but there are times where EVERYTHING hurts—SO badly: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—that I know that not even death is enough to stop the pain—that is how much I sometimes hurts. So, I KNOW how you feel. But you at least can choose to give into substances, can choose to be ignorant, can choose to die. Someone in my position, who knows better, who have responsibilities to not just myself—do not have the same luxury to be so self-centered. So, PLEASE choose to save yourself. Because there is always someone out there experiencing worse than you.

To those who have experienced worse than I. I know how painful life can be for some people. I know my pain and my trials can be a lot less than some out there. I know why some people choose to indulge in substances. I know why some of my previous suggestions will not work for a few exceptions. I am not judging you if you happen to be those few exceptions by all that I have said. Nor mocking and devaluing your experiences. I humbly thank you for your courage.

Part of the reason why I would not give up on this book is to pay forward what you have given me. You have shown me and gifted me with the priceless gift of awareness. Without you I would not remember what I am here to do. Without you I would not be inspired to be what I needed to be. I would not be able to overcome my own hardship without your inspirational show of courage and endurance to trial you are here to face. From the bottom of my soul—Thank you! For all that you have taught me and those whose lives you have touched and allowed to touch.

But know, there is no medications, doctors, and evens Gods—that can save us from ourselves. That can save us from our bad choices and our bad habits.

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