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Chakra Meditation is great for anybody. Here is why
Jan 13, 2021

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Chakras are the seven main energy centers in your body. In fact, you can actually feel them in your body. They impact and are influenced on by every sense, experience and feeling you have. You know when you have a “gut feeling” about something? That’s one of your chakras! Or when you demonstrate love or feel affection for something in your chest? Another chakra. How about when you have to speak in front of a large audience and your throat feels a little tensed up? You guessed it.

The 7 Chakras

Root Chakra - This one is about being physically there and feeling comfortable wherever you are. It makes you feel stable and secure. If you’re nervous or scared often, you might need to work on this one.

Location: Tailbone

Sacral Chakra - This one is responsible for your feelings and sexuality. It will aid you to be open to intimacy and to be passionate. If you are not very open to people and seem to have a neutral look on your face often, you might have this one closed.

Location: A few inches under your belly button

Solar Plexus Chakra - Also known as the Navel Chakra. The navel chakra is about being in control and having self-esteem and confidence. If you are indecisive or timid, this chakra is perhaps closed.

Location: Upper abdomen. Right in between your rib cage

Heart Chakra - It’s all about love. This one encourages you to be compassionate and friendly and is very significant to having good relationships and interactions with others. Someone with a closed or weak heart chakra will be cold towards others and will not be very close to others.

Location: Chest

Throat Chakra - This chakra is about self-expression and creativity. Someone who can create any type of art will have an open throat chakra. It can be closed if you are shy and introverted. Lying blocks this chakra.

Location: Throat

Third Eye Chakra - This is the one that catches most peoples attention because it deals with psychic abilities or “the sixth sense”. It also covers intelligence and observation. If you aren’t very good at thinking for yourself, rely on authorities, or get confused easily, this one needs improvement.

Location: Center of forehead a little above brows

Crown Chakra - The crown chakra deals with wisdom, connection to your higher self, and with being one with the world. If you aren’t aware of some sort of spirituality or seem to lack concentration or direction in your life, this is what you should work on.

Location: Top of head

Chakra Meditation

So how do you open them all up? It’s so simple and there are actually many ways to do it! The easiest way is to think about that color radiating around the corresponding spot until you have your focus on that area and feel it. You’ll actually feel it and know it’s working. Think about the color and what it is going to help you with by opening that chakra until you can feel the energy in that area. It feels slightly tingly inside your body and can be a bit warm. Whatever color you’re wearing can help open them too. I was skeptical of this doing anything until I was trying to open back up my heart chakra. It was slowly feeling better for the first two days of focusing on my heart chakra and then I did a meditation while accidentally wearing a green shirt and it seemed to help tremendously. It isn’t required, though.

My personal favorite way of opening them is through a chakra meditation. I get the strongest effect this way and feel great afterwards. Usually I begin at my root chakra and work my way up, but any order will work.

Guided Chakra Meditation

Additional Ways to Assist with the Chakra Meditation

Lighting incense during your chakra meditation or using crystals for each of the chakras can help to bring the right energy and vibe when balancing the chakras. Find an incense pack that has sticks for all seven of the main chakras. Begin by lighting a root chakra incense and do your meditation concentrating on the root chakra. This can be for 10 minutes, an hour or longer! It’s always up to you. For sure, the longer you focus on a point, the more in tune you can be with it. From here, you can either repeat it again with the next chakra up and go through all of the chakras, but I personally like to spend a day at a time for each of them, or just to focus on whichever I feel is currently needing some balance.

As for crystals, blue kyanite is a good single crystal that is used to balance all chakras. If you want something more specific to each chakra, you can get a pouch that has seven different crystals for each of the chakras. To use the crystals, you can place the crystal on each of the corresponding chakras on your body and do a meditation. Alternatively, you can just carry them in your pocket, bag, put them under your pillow, or even just keep them in a room or vehicle. Make sure to keep your crystals energetically cleansed and charged!

If you don’t feel you can open them on your own, you can have someone attuned in reiki energy healing to balance them for you. Reiki practitioners are trained to channel energy into each of your chakras without even touching you! It feels like heat or a slightly tingly feeling while receiving reiki, which is the healing energy aiding your body.

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