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Aug 27, 2021
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Human beings are not unlike a rainbow. Russian word for rainbow is “rah-doo-gah” (Радуга). “Ra” is the Divine Light, “doo-gah” is a bow. So rainbow stands for a “bow of divine light”. Rainbows have 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, royal blue and violet. It’s exactly the same as the human chakra system: red for the Root chakra, orange for the Sexual chakra, yellow for the Solar Plexus chakra, green for the Heart chakra, Light blue for the Throat chakra, Royal blue for the Third Eye chakra, and violet for the Crown chakra.

The Crown chakra acts as an interface through which we are connected to the Divine. What happens if the connection is lost, and the Crown chakra is not working? Our rainbow is missing the color violet. Imagine a rainbow that doesn’t have a color violet in it. It’s no longer a rainbow. It lacks harmony. I suggest that every human being becomes a shining light like that of a rainbow.

Why does the Crown center, or chakra, not function well? Materialistic mindset is the main reason. Materialistic viewpoint of God, the Creator. Such an individual becomes a consumer. He or she does not understand that God is Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Love. When this type of person says prayers to God, he asks for the daily bread and not the Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit is NOT a religious notion, rather a living Universal energy that is ALIVE and ever-present). The truth is, it’s the Holy Spirit that gives us sustenance, and not so much the physical food. Just think about the breatharians that live off of prana alone!

When we rush, stress out, and fear, we get disconnected from the Divine Flow. The Crown chakra is the receiver of the Divine Flow. Naturally, it shuts down when there is “no current”. Sadly, living like that is the “norm” for 99% of people on this planet. A blocked Crown chakra is the main reason for headaches and migraines, to say the least. It is also the reason for diabetes (material mindset and material attachments in the world); all autoimmune diseases;

As well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression, insomnia, high or low blood pressure, suicidal tendencies, MS, epilepsy, and other central nervous system dysfunctions. What’s the daily routine of an average person like? He or she wakes up and rushes to work, right? No time for prayer or meditation to start the day off right. Off to work, to solve the problems of the day. Close some business deals. Survive. Kids to school. Start a new business. Go out of business. Where to live. What to wear. Where to invest. What happens in the country. Politics. Exchange rates. Loans. Mortgages. People who owe us money. Where to go for vacation. Which doctor to go to.

An average human being spends most of his day trying to make a living, and then he spends the money he earned to get well. What kind of logic is that?
Why run? Why rush? As wise men say, sit down and be quiet for a while. And you will see how all this rat race is useless. It does not get us anywhere. We came here naked, and we will leave this world naked.

Meditation and prayer calm down the inner dialogue. It calms down the mind. This world loses its grip on us. The system loses its grip on us. The current system uses people as if they were nuts and bolts in a much bigger machine. What is the world we live in like? Consumeristic society at its best. We produce and we consume, we produce and we consume. We turned this beautiful planet into a dumpster. There is an over-abundance of stuff, but no happiness. Its time to change our thinking. Its time to start using the things we really need.

If we don’t spend so much money on things we don’t need, we won’t have to work so much. If you are falling apart, if you have insomnia, if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, if you are sick all the time, stop. Stop and calm down. Create a peace of mind and inner harmony. Most people run from their pain. From the pain they feel in the depth of their soul. They carry a lot of pain since their childhood, youth, adulthood, or since very recently.When we feel loss, pain, health crisis, family crisis, money problems, we need to stop running. We need to start connecting ourselves with the Source. Connect our Spirit with the Spirit of the Creator.

We need to start asking for help “from above”. I am sure you have people in your environment who ask and they are given. Who sit in prayer or meditation. They connect to the Whole. And they receive health, abundance, happiness and love. Its important to connect to the Creator to become a creator of your own life. Look how abundant and beautiful nature is: Human energy vortices, commonly known as chakras, need a lot of maintenance due to the old trauma, abuse, negative emotions stored in the human energy field (also known as Aura or auric field).

The absence of well-being starts on the level of the Mental Plane, then it trickles down to the Astral (Emotional) Plane to finally find its way into the Physical Plane (your body). The medical profession miserably fails at helping to eliminate any kind of dis-ease. They only cover up the symptoms and make diseases chronic. Chakra Healing (also known as Chakra Balancing and Chakra Clearing) is essential for maintaining general health and well-being. Chakras can be cleansed and revived. It is similar to an oil change in your car: when it gets dirty, it affects the car's overall performance.

Chakra clearing, (7 Chakras healing, Chakra cleansing, Chakra energy healing, Chakra balancing) is an important part of keeping a healthy BODY-MIND. At the end of a Chakra tuning session, clients feel much more energetic. They also notice an elevated mood and a greater sense of well-being, clarity, and livelihood.

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