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Anusara Yoga
Dr Sannjay
Benefits of Yoga: Mental and Physical Health
Yoga, an ancient practice originating in India, has garnered worldwide acclaim for its profound benefits on both mental and physical well-being. Beyond its physical postures (asanas), yoga encompasses breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation, offeri…
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Ashtanga yoga
The Benefits of Yoga for Physical and Mental Well-being
Boost your physical strength and flexibility with yoga! Are you ready to take your physical strength and flexibility to new heights? Look no further than the ancient practice of yoga! With its combination of postures and movements, yoga is an incredible …
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Anusara Yoga
Nanthabalan Elangovan
The Transformative Power of Meditation: Cultivating Inner Peace
Introduction In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of calm and inner peace has become more important than ever. One practice that has been embraced by millions is meditation. This ancient technique offers a path to stillness and self-discovery ami…
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Kundalini yoga
Aline Ra M
Kundalini Guide: What It Is and How to Awaken It Within You
Many are her name. The Inner Woman, the Serpent Power, Kundalini Shakti. Present in many esoteric traditions, Kundalini refers to an energy that is coiled at the base of the spine. It’s been there since birth, and in most of us, it lies dormant. In a way,…
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Yin Yoga
The Art of Balancing Yin and Yang in Your Yoga Practice
In today’s fast-paced world, finding balance is more important than ever. And when it comes to your yoga practice, balancing the energetic forces of yin and yang can take your wellness game to the next level. Think of yin yoga as the chill pill for your …
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Vinyasa yoga
Lea Grimaldi
Yoga for Weight Management
Is yoga a good exercise option for weight loss? The short answer is yes, absolutely. The long answer is, not in the way we might usually think about exercise and weight loss. Yoga is a complex system of health and wellness that connects our mind, body, a…
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Hatha yoga
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
What is your personal power?
The times we are living in can easily cause us to feel disempowered. We seemingly can’t trust information sources anymore. Facts have become blurry. Political and social issues are literaly splitting friends and families apart. It can be quite intense ju…
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Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
10 Yoga Myths Debunked
1.Yoga is only for flexible people The truth is that practicing Yoga asanas on a consistent basis improves flexibility. Saying you have to be flexible for Yoga is like saying you have to be in shape to go to the gym. In fact, Yoga increases the awareness…
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Restorative Yoga
Annie Moore
Take Charge of Your Bone Health During Menopause
When I approached my menopause years I had no idea that this midlife phase could effect my bone health. Until I became a yoga teacher seven years ago and this is what I’ve learned. As oestrogen levels deplete the bones can loose their density. Its import…
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Hatha yoga
Vanessa Murray
We've Forgotten Pratyahara
When I ask yoga teachers what Ashtanga is, they almost always start describing the primary series of poses. But it goes so much deeper than that. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra—the most ancient and revered sourcebook for yoga practice— the eightfold path is ca…
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Vinyasa yoga
Rebecca Neusinger
Do poor digestion and an uncomfortable tummy get you down? Thought so…Yoga, Digestive Health & Self-Care
When we talk about a healthy ecosystem, what comes to mind? Nature, flora, fauna, habitats, natural environments? Probably. But humans also, as biological entities interacting with our environment and energetic fields, are an ecosystem. A quick google sea…
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Restorative Yoga
Ella Floyd
What Is Restorative Yoga? A Beginners Guide
Are you an athlete who needs to balance your active lifestyle? Are you wanting to get into yoga but worried you’re not skilled or fit enough? Are you someone wanting to experience meditation without having to sit uncomfortably still for long periods of t…
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Restorative Yoga
Ella Floyd
Introduction to Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga Basics Most contemporary yoga is an active practice in which you move from pose to pose, building heat and increasing your strength and flexibility in equal measure. The general trend in yoga is toward more and more athletic and acrobati…
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Rita Summers
Say Goodbye to Antidepressants: How Yoga and Deep Breathing Can Fight Depression
If you are diagnosed with depression, just take a deep breath and join yoga classes to experience significant reduction in symptoms without the side effects associated with antidepressants, new research suggests. “This study supports the use of a yoga an…
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Dru Yoga
Jody Mills
Dru Yoga
Dru Yoga is a sort of yoga that began in 1978 at Bangor University by a gathering of yoga aficionados: Mansukh Patel, Chris Barrington, Rita Goswami, Annie Jones, and John Jones. Its birthplaces and lessons were propelled by crafts by Francis of Assisi a…
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Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
10 reasons why I practice Yoga
Yoga is my passion and it has changed my life and its perspective in many ways. Here are the top 10 reasons why I practice Yoga everyday 1.AWARENESS Physical and mental toxins create stiffness and tension in the body and mind. On some days, I do a pose …
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Guy Luna
4 Yoga Poses to Get Your Beach Body Ready
Here are a host of exercises that you can can engage in to make your abdominal muscles stronger. While swimming, running, jogging and aerobics are fun activities that work phenomenally well to attain the perfect bikini body that most people strive for, in…
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Tantric yoga
Demi Powell
An essential guide to Tantric Yoga
If the word Tantra conjures up scenes of sexuality, you’re not alone. The introduction of Tantric practices in the West has inadvertently become identified with a practice that’s laced with nudity, sexuality, and occasionally, promiscuity. The truth is,…
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Dru Yoga
Joseph Evans
Dru yoga
Since leaving clinical psychiatry more than 20 years back, my journey has offered me numerous chances for my inner awakening. I’m enchanted to have this chance to share with my psychiatric colleagues some of the delightfully simple, however incredible, he…
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Charles Ortiz
Do This Exercise Daily and Say Goodbye to Sciatica and Back Pain
Work-related, exercise, and car accident injuries tend to be the leading causes of chronic back pain. Obesity (combined with chronic sitting) and stress can also increase your risk. The truth is, it’s not important to discover the genesis of your back pa…
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Tracy Campbell
Life and Breath
In the yogic tradition, breath is the foundation of all life, the sustaining connection between body and spirit. A telling indicator of health and mood, breath puts us in closer touch with ourselves on every level. Through pranayama, or breath control, we…
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Hatha yoga
Bernard Lloyd
Hatha Yoga Shows Promise for Treating Anxiety
Hatha yoga is effective for reducing anxiety, and efficacy increases with increasing number of practice hours, according to a meta-analysis published online May 20 in the Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine. Stefan G. Hofmann, PhD, from Boston University,…
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Irene Benson
The Yoga Poses That Help You Relax Before Going To Sleep
If you are into yoga, you are aware there are nearly as many reasons to hit the mat as there are yoga poses (and that’s quite a lot!) . Perhaps you’re trying to find a way to keep your stress levels in check, or perhaps you’re looking to enhance your flex…
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Kerry Alexander
What Is Viniyoga?
Viniyoga ™ is a comprehensive and authentic transmission of the teachings of yoga including asana, pranayama, bandha, sound, chanting, meditation, personal ritual and study of texts. Viniyoga ™ (prefixes vi and ni plus yoga) is an ancient Sanskrit term th…
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